Peter Nygard’s contributions to the legacy of Sports in the Bahamas remains UNMATCHED! PART ONE

Above is Mr. Peter Nygard (center) with the Four Bahamian Gold Medalists in London. He was there supporting all Bahamian Athletes as he has for several years, given his love for the country. He was so proud of all the athletes and very proud to be a Bahamian.
Wellington Miller BOA

NASSAU| The Bahamas remains a powerhouse of sporting talent for the world to discover and, during our rise on the world stage, Peter J. Nygard was a formidable force behind building the financial support needed to help young Bahamians achieve their potential in the world of sports.

Former President of the Bahamas Olympic Association, Wellington Miller, stated that Mr. Nygard’s “contribution to the athletes is monumental….and I don’t think any other private citizen has done what Peter has done.

“I met Mr. Nygard back in 2000 when we were organizing a team to fly to a Caribbean Boxing event. We had already assembled – what we knew at the time – the best boxing team assembled in the region. 

“I got the chance to get into contact with Mr. Nygard and explain to him our problem. I told him we were $15,000 short in making the trip happen for the young boxers and if we did not find the support we would not be able to make the trip.”

Miller went on to explain how Mr. Nygard’s response was immediate. “He did not hesitate to ask any questions, other than asking ,’What is the bank account of the Federation?’

“I left him and a day later those funds were there. The entire $15,000 was in our bank account the next day.”

The young team, according to Miller, had anticipated the trip which was heavily promoted. “We knew we were the best and we also know that with the young Bahamian boxers displaying their skills at this level would have meant the world to them. We went on to that tournament and won. 

“This was just the beginning of a great relationship. We were on the rise and, without the support of Mr. Nygard, the likes of which are few, many of our achievements in sports would have been impossible.”

Peter Nygard’s millions in donations have helped many causes in The Bahamas. What he has given is so much more than money. He has transformed for the better the lives of many individuals across the country.