PETER Turnquest waits in the wings as PM Minnis is set to resign as FNM Party Leader on the night of the September 16th General Elections…

Peter Turnquest former axed Minister of Finance

NASSAU| By the authority of the FNM Convention, the country has not seen the end of former Axed Minister of Finance K. PETER Turnquest who will become interim Party Leader overseeing the transition of the FNM. TURNQUEST, although in the tall grass watching the defeat of the FNM, is still Deputy Leader chosen by the Convention of 2016 where he was elected. The FNM has not gathered in a National Convention in some five years, which is Unconstitutional and Undemocratic, according to party rules.  

PM Hubert Minnis plans to resign as Party Leader on the night of the General Elections, which will give disgraced Turnquest full control of the FNM which is bracing for a crushing defeat at the September 16th polls.

Turnquest was asked to resign from Cabinet following a series of scandals that unfolded IN THE COURTS involving his former business partners at Sky Bahamas.

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