Pictet Bank and Trust Bahamas has lost its Chairman, Yves Lourdin!

Pictet Bank Chairman Yves Lourdin passes

Nassau – Bahamas Press is reporting a great loss to the Bahamas Financial community this afternoon as one of the most celebrated offshore bankers has passed.

Pictet Bank and Trust Bahamas lost its Chairman, Yves Lourdin, who, for more than 37 years, grew the Swiss Bahamian operations into a 12 Billion Dollar business with a high-end local and Latin American client base.

Some described Lourdin this way, “He is probably the most famous banker on the island. He is incredibly passionate about what he does. He loved his job. He loved the bank. He is an excellent example for young bankers of what dedication and commitment truly are.”

Former Minister for Financial Services and Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson in sending a tribute wrote: “Yves Lourdin LOVED The Bahamas and Bahamians. When I was Minister of Financial Services and Investments he was very helpful in opening European (not just Swiss) doors for key stakeholders to hear our wonderful story. Yves helped The Bahamas to get off the watch list. The Pictet family agreed to establish a head office in The Bahamas because of Yves. This gave The Bahamas tremendous prestige. He understood the immense quality and potential of Bahamians (human capital) in financial services and never lost a chance to celebrate it and give Bahamians international exposure. He and his wife Mattie were philanthropists in the educational and other arenas. The Bahamas has lost a great friend. May his soul rest in peace.”

Lourdin came to the Bahamas as a 34-year-old in 1978. He died following a long battle with cancer.

Rest Eternal Grant Unto Him O Lord! Amen.

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