Pilot now on the run could be apart of an even larger human trafficking and TERRORIST plot in the Bahamas!


Owen George Johnson must be captured and whoever is protecting him should be arrested as well…

Owen George Johnson. He is 30-years old.

Abaco, Bahamas – Terrorism and human smuggling are a dangerous crimes, ones which we at BP believe should be punishable by death and we know this man shown in the photo above is apart of a unchristian plot to destabilize the very sovereignty of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

He is a pilot who goes by the name of  Owen George Johnson. He is 30-years-old.

He, we know, intentionally ran an aircraft into a police jeep as he illegally landed seven migrants in the country at the Treasure Cay airport in Abaco.

But before police could nab him, like an illegal immigrant himself, Johnson jumped from the twin-engine Piper plane, which rammed into a police jeep along the runway, and fled. Two of the officers who didn’t shoot the fleeing pilot were injured.

Four Dominican nationals and three Haitian nationals, including a toddler, were onboard. None of them were injured. Authorities have detained all seven migrants. The ordeal occurred around 6:45pm on Sunday.

The illegals were transported to the Detention Centre in New Providence for processing.

Bahamas Press believes, before any investigation is done, the Piper plane should be confiscated by the Bahamas Government and used for future interception and transport operations of the State. You cannot keep allowing these coldhearted-hardened criminals to remain loose to reuse these aircraft, boats and other devices to break our laws. Take the assets and money!

This incident is serious because we all know and remember how the bomber of the World Trade Center in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 came through an airport and into the United States of America via the Bahamas.

Perhaps if these incidents keep occurring, what could be the plot of future terrorists entering the Bahamas?

Treasurer Cay is a popular location for Westerners, and we believe if we cannot control the situation now and keep allowing these pilots to get away, then we could be facilitating something that could become a global threat!

Take the plane and jail the pilot, for maybe then – and only then – will this kind of foolishness stop!

We report yinner decide!