PLP Chairman launches campaign against Save Da Bays…


PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts
PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts

By Bradley B Roberts
National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party
Response to Statement Issued by

The Leader of the Opposition

Dr. Hubert Minnis 13th March 2016

From the pathetic and illogical irrationality of the Leader of the Free National Movement Dr. Hubert Minnis in a statement released by him to the media late Sunday evening, it is evidently clear that he has embarked on a major cover up in his organization to hide the duplicitous and dishonest hand of the FNM in this entire nasty and sordid affair of the matters and issues published in the Tribune of Thursday March 10th 2016.

Indeed Dr. Minnis’ statement is a carbon copy of the language and positions placed in the public domain by the organization called and known as “Save the Bays.” Simply put, the claims, hints and allegations against the Government of the Bahamas in this sustained and very much personal conflict between Mr. Louis Bacon, who funds and heads “Save the Bays”, and Mr. Peter Nygard, are patently false.

The PLP distances itself from the raging conflict between Mr. Bacon and Mr. Nygard, two guests of The Bahamas. While Dr. Minnis goes to great lengths to create the impression that Mr. Nygard has professional relationships with persons ssociated with the PLP, he conveniently overlooks the fact that Mr. Nygard shared a more personable relationship with former FNM Deputy Prime Minister Frank Watson, other FNM Cabinet Ministers, FNM attorneys including former FNM Deputy Leader Sidney Collie.

One fact is very clear and evident throughout the published audio and video tapes – Mr. Nygard makes no pretense that he is completely dissatisfied with the PLP Government and Prime Minister Christie for not doing what Mr. Nygard feels is his entitlement to an approval on an expressed item in an existing application; this is a subject of a court action. However, Dr. Minnis in his statement goes to great lengths to repeat and support almost word for word the same allegations, distortions and falsities that “Save the Bays” has used in its numerous court actions. Those allegations are that somehow the Prime Minister is doing something special or untoward for Mr. Nygard. We invite the Bahamian people to listen to the tapes and they too will come to the same accurate conclusion that even Mr. Nygard does not believe this, yet Dr. Minnis finds it necessary to twist, subvert and cavort the truth through obfuscation for purely political purposes.

Dr. Minnis, whether he realizes it or not, is the only politician in this exercise who is singing for his supper.

He unashamedly wraps himself up completely in the selfish interest of “Save the Bays” and its personal agenda and conflict with Mr. Nygard.

Dr. Minnis should be honest enough to tell the Bahamian people whether his support for “Save the Bays” and his need to unequivocally support their positions and statements is purely from the political carrot syndrome, where he believes Mr. Bacon, one of the world’s wealthiest bankers will fund an FNM General Election Campaign.

But Dr. Minnis may have unwittingly answered that question for the Bahamian people when he was forced to admit in his statement that Senator Michael Pintard, his National Chairman, is a member “Save the Bays.” Mr. Pintard has many questions to answer and plenty explaining to do over this entire affair. He is professionally employed by the Law firm Callenders and Co, legal counsel to “Save the Bays” and these relationships have existed for several years.

The Bahamian People are now fully aware of the facts. The Bahamian People now know that all of the international efforts and engagements of “Save the Bays” in its attack on the PLP Government, its Leaders and its policies are directed, supported, aided and abetted by the FNM whom Dr. Minnis says is fully aware of the relationship with their national chairman.

It is no wonder then that Dr. Minnis in his statement says The Bahamas will “again have to deal with a perception in the international arena that we are a nation for sale. Alas this is Dr. Minnis’ Freudian slip as he proves in his statement that he has sold his political soul to “Save the Bays.”

Sadly, it is the work of Michael Pintard and the FNM by their admitted association with “Save the Bays” which creating and is promoting this negative perception.

We stand behind the questions we have asked of Dr. Minnis and Mr. Pintard in our news release issued earlier Sunday. These two men have much explaining to do to the Bahamian People. Dr. Minnis and Mr. Pintard have now by their collusion and admission confessed that they have absolutely no revulsion over aiding and abetting in the attack on the integrity and decency of their fellow men.

Dr. Minnis ought to know in the words of our Leader Perry G. Christie that the PLP will rather lose doing that which is right than win doing that which is wrong. If there are any men and women of principle in the FNM who believe in The Bahamas and the right of the Bahamian People to control and choose their own destiny, we invite them to take a stand and stand up against Hubert Minnis and Michael Pintard and their arrogant and disgraceful abuse of power and privilege.

In my statement on Sunday 13th March 14, 2016 I called for the Police to investigate these allegation, today I request that the same include the FNM tenure as government.

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