PLP Chairman projects big win for PLP Government in North Abaco


Curry sends clear message that a new day is set to dawn on North Abaco at Mega PLP Rally last evening…

PLP Gold Rush candidate Renardo Curry is favourite in North Abaco race PLP Chief reports.

Treasure Cay, Abaco — Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Big Bad Bradley Roberts, who is down in North Abaco at this hour wrapping up his campaign sweep in the community, is reporting victory for the PLP late this afternoon and reports, “By this time tomorrow afternoon, the Progressive Liberal Party’s Candidate Renaldo J B Curry will emerge as the winner in tomorrow’s contest.”

Party officials are no way fazed by the push by FNM former leader and Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and for the first time are showing signs of victory in the constituency.

PLP leader lifts hand of candidate Renardo Curry.

A source in the PLP told BP, “There is no way possible way that the FNM will keep the seat. They will lose in key strong hold areas such as Cooper’s Town and Green Turtle Cay.”

Many would remember Roberts told a national radio audience that he was returning to frontline politics back in 2009 to make certain that the Abaco Dragon would be no more on the political frontlines of politics in the Bahamas.

An imploded bad candidate, unclear message and disorganized strategy have crippled the FNM’s campaign in the constituency.

Sources on the ground tell us though, “no matter how confident the PLP are, North Abaco is an FNM stronghold and could easily remain so after Monday night.”

Last evening the PLP mounted its final push in Murphy Town where a mass mega PLP event was held. One observer told BP, “It was the largest rally ever held in the constituency by any political party in the country. By far it was the biggest rally during the entire campaign and the PLP is looking good.”

We report yinner decide!

North Abaco residents celebrate with junkanoo Saturday night at PLP mega rally live on National airways. FNM held a small rally in Cooper's Town last night also.