PLP condemns break in at Supreme Court



The PLP notes with concern and alarm and condemns the break in at the Supreme Court.  It sends the wrong message about The Bahamas and its respect for the safe and orderly administration of justice.

We call upon the Government to act immediately and firmly to protect our Judges, the staff in the Courts and precious Court documents and files.  The protection and security of our Judges, the staff in the Courts, files, property and resources is more eminently likely to be achieved in one Judicial Complex than in 5 separate buildings.

We call for the construction of one Judicial Complex. It is not too late for the Government to reinstate the already approved Judicial Complex that was the victim of the FNM’s Stop Review and Cancel Policy.

The Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, the Industrial Tribunal, all Registries, Judges Chambers, Robing and Meeting Rooms, Jury Rooms and Prisoner Cells would have been situated in this already approved Judicial Complex. All Judges, litigants, accused persons, courts, files in Registries, property of the Courts, and electronic information would be under one super security umbrella. In 2007, without any justification whatsoever, the FNM canceled this project and the funding that had been allocated in the Budget to start the Judicial Complex.

However, it is not too late. The interests of justice and the safety and security of our Justice System demand that the Government should start, immediately, construction of the already approved Judicial Complex at the East Hill Street site that had been approved by the Ministry of Works, the Architect and the Judges.