PLP's Dumbfounded Silence since the Attempted Murder of Omar Archer Last week Thursday!



PLP leadership said not a word days after Omar Archer – one of their own – is shot and almost murdered on the streets of the capital. What has become of the PLP these days? Christie, Wilchombe and Hanna at a press conference. (file photo)

Bahamas Press Commentary:

What is The Bahamas coming to these days? Omar Archer a fellow blogger on Bahamas Press and a political activist was shot in the stomach by KILLERS in the Nassau Village area last week Thursday. Up to Saturday police had failed to confirm that Archer was the man shot.

The PLP of which Archer ran for the position of chairman at the last PLP convention, said not a word about the shooting until today, Monday 8th (almost a week later). Where they quoted lines form the ‘Wutless’ Tribune saying:

“Former candidate for PLP Chairman and community activist, Omar Acher has been shot. According to press reports, Mr. Archer was shot in the abdomen while in the Nassau Village area.

“In an interview with the Tribune, Mr. Archer retold the horrifying experience of how, after being shot, the gunman attempted to shoot him in the head twice but missed both times.

“Mr. Archer was driven to the hospital by a teenage Samaritan. Having gone through surgery, he is now recovering at the Princess Margaret Hospital under tight security.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Archer and the Archer family and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

It is a DAMN SHAME to see and hear the SLOW LAZY reaction of the PLP to this kind of mayhem and SLAUGHTER today in this country, now being committed against one of their own. Bahamas Press again denounces this crime committed against Archer, and equally condemns the quieting SILENCE and COWARDICE response of the PLP – the party to which Archer publicly supports.

This is totally UNBECOMING OF a party that once claimed to be the voice of the people! The Progressive Liberal Party slowly slipped under Christie command, into an organization stepping in consistent rhythm with today’s Ingraham government, out of touch, out of step and mask in ELITISM, even in the face of a public ‘bloody slaughter’ and attempted murder of one of their own. (IN OTHER WORDS, ARCHER DOES NOT COUNT!)

Bahamas Press cries shame on this reaction by the PLP, AND in particular the silent reaction by their leadership, with their regular SLOW, INDECISIVE and LAZYreaction to times of CRISIS in this country.


  1. I missed the brazen comments. BP please quote the comments when you make the post

    I await with Kalik in hand. Frosty cold!

  2. Well look at the number and you know I am right, 2017 OR 2+0+1+7= 10.

    That sound like Pindling numbers to me. What yall say on BP?


    Remember at 2PM this Sunday, we respond to the WUTLESS Tribune! With their brazen comments about Bahamas Press this past Friday 12th September Edition. Stay Tuned!!!


  3. Alderd, ..Stalwart Councilor Neville Roker was buried last weekend. Didn’t you notice the PLP is known for going to churches ten (10) months before elections?

    Only Mr. Fred Mitchell is consistent with church funeral attendance.

  4. Media, you sound like you know politics, you are right on; …there would be no New LEADERSHIP in both political parties and in this country until 2017.

  5. Anybody knows how Omar Archer is doing? The Punch revealed that the the shoting had something to do with his wife. I understand the person who shot Omar was obsessed with his wife, he thought if Omar was out the picture he and Chrissy (Omar’s wife) could of being together. I understand Omar and Chrissy used to help this person, what a backstabber!!!!!

  6. This is what I think really went down between Darold and his accuser: The girl was impressionable she saw Darold as a powerful figure, someone with prestige and she felt he knew a lot of people. She was thinking he would be a good catch to help her move up the corporate ladder quickly. At first, Darold was only into some fun and games, so he wine her and dine her for a while, then after she rub his head, he started to develop a little feelings for her, so he invited her to move in with him, After moving in with Darold she started to realize things was not happening fast enough for her and Darold had other female friends calling the house all the time. Darold started to see what she was into; he saw her as an opportunist, so he hold back on his wallet and she hold back on freeing up all the time. She also learned that Gem wanted out of the contract with Darold without paying him, so she thought this was a good opportunity for her to get even with him. This is when they started planning to make him a sexual predator. The morale of the whole story is she was using Darold and Darold was using her. Where the sissies and the politicians fit into all of this, I have no idea (lol).

  7. You probably right Media. Those two leaders of the FNM and PLP have served their time. Its time now for younger people to take over.

  8. And ‘Alfred’ St. Agnes is Perry Christie’s Church. Ranferly Brown is his pastor.

    If that party (PLP) cannot see something wrong with its LEADER, the too sad too bad for them and the Bahamian people for 2012. I have already accepted in MY MIND there would be no New LEADERSHIP in both political parties and in this country until 2017.


  9. Stalwart Councilor Neville Roker was buried last weekend and only Bradley Roberts could make it to the funeral –

    Something is wrong with that – Rev I. Ranfurly Brown blasted the PLP in his Eulogy – Clearly something is not well with the organization

  10. Altec. You think our leaders have no vision or spine?
    Now that YOU! know that, WHAT ARE YOU! going to do about it?

  11. The Bahamas has to have the worst political leaders in the Caribbean. Our leaders have no vision for this country. Our leaders have no spine. Whatever problems one administration have, they stick a band aid on it and pass it on to the next administration who in turn stick a band aid on it as well.

    Where is this generations L.O. Pindling?

  12. Media
    – Can you adjust the timezone difference on this site? I think you have it set to the default GMT time zone and it makes reading comments hard.

    AT the moment it is 10:40 ; Sept 9/2008

  13. Disappointed Voter, I am with you. The politicians (‘cept very few) are all friends and in their dirt together. We dont even have an Opposition in this country anymore so that should tell you.

  14. BP is not like those politicians, when they wrong, they say they wrong and they would apologize for their mistake. Most politician do not do that. BP is not afraid to touch on any subject, no matter how difficult it is. I respect BP cause they different from those other wutless media, who done being brought hooker, line and sinker. All BP is trying to do is inform the public and many hate them for that.

  15. To Tristan, can you recall how many times we apologized for something we reported? Hmmm? Once in almost a year, since his blog began.

    That is not a bad record at all for a media website.

    Every word you see we posted up here, WE have the information to BACK IT UP!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  16. Let me start with this INFREQUENT READER person. I wounder if you hear how TERRIBLE and ASININE you sound.

    You mean to tell me you’re a public official that addresses crime and other matters in this country. A member of your family is gunned down in COLD BLOOD (GOD FORBID), and you will wait not one, not two, not three days but five days before you express any remorse or visit the hospital or call anyone in your family because the police had not yet said so? This is a political organization we talking about.

    When the PLP offices burned down, it did not take ten days for that to be announced RIGHT? And I still wonder if the police report ever came out. This incident proves THEY COULD CARELESS what had happened to Archer. Possibly to this day, none of them have contacted his wife and children.

    If you was a member of my family, And that was your response towards me (GOD FORBID), I would CHANGE MY NAME!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  17. You people who come on this site to eat garbage just do not realize that you are being brainwashed.. If they tell you long enough what do you expect.
    They wont tell you much about what the present government is doing, just so that you think they are that good. With all these high food prices, the high cost of elecrity bill and the high cost of living you people are worrying about the PLP. If you think that the PLP should still be in government then say so,but then again you don’t have the balls to admit that you all had it much better under the PLP.

  18. Unlike you BP putting things on here gossiping then days later you have to change it because they person or group had to clarify your findings. The PLP waited on an official word to report correctly to its supporters to rumors stories of what happened. Stop tearing this nation man u worst than the politician

  19. Came to let you guys know, FNM/PLP don’t give a rat tail about us. These individual are only promoting their own interest. I voted for both parties before and both parties did the same thing. All they did was lip services. I am not arguing over none, because all of them are friends. Those guys do hang out together. Don’t care how the cookie crumble, I gat to go to work to take care of my family.

  20. You people are so IDLE!
    What do you do sit around and try and find something to discredit the PLP with all day?
    The police did not identify the victim until Saturday! The PLP then put out an official note on Monday. What do you want? Them to be ambulance chasers!
    Then you would be saying they are running to the papers and air waves looking for headlines. They can’t win for losing with you all.
    Get a life!
    Let’s be like the PLP and rally around this poor man’s family and hope for the best. WITHOUT putting our actions in the papers and on the radio!!!

  21. What is makes me laugh about these people is the fact that they claim to have had a report done by an outsider to tell them Perry Christie is a Weak and indecisive leader. My 4.5 year old daughter and 85 year old Grandma both who never been to school could tell the PLP that. My goodness, even Hubert Ingraham could a tell the PLP that for FREE.

  22. Drama King, like I keeping telling everybody most politicians are a bunch of suckers and vipers. I done see a swing a mile away, I done been swing by them with empty promises, so I know them. Them people is mines! I refuge to let them blindfold me anymore. Who want to continue having trust in these people, continue. For me my days for being fooled are over.

  23. Thats what it is Kim. They dont need him right now so what’s a little gun shot wound between friends. That’s their way of thinking.

    HemiBahama…lol….BDM has good intentions but they are not quite ready yet to defeat FNM and PLP at the poles. I wish them well though.

  24. This is a true saying, “they only know me when they need me” I think this is the case with Omar. It aint election time, so them sucker dont need him right now.

  25. It is a crying shame as people are now looking at the PLP and its leadership as untrustworthy.

    Who will they turn to in order to vote out the FNM when the time comes? Is there really a worthy Opposition around?

  26. Yes, so sad. They are too caught up in leaking and giving stories to the press to destroy each other. Unfortunatley they are not going to stop until they completely destroy their party. What a shame!

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