Does Ingraham forget he has a heart condition?



Hubert Ingraham is possibly forgetting he is not a healthy man. Bahamas Press simply wants to remind him that the time is now to consider stepping down. Thirty years (30) in the the political game in Ihe Bahamas is a LONG TIME! Bahamas Press says its time for INGRAHAM to GO and make room for new fresh leadership.


  1. Young One, I am well aware of what you are saying. We all know that we have to vote these people out of office to rid ourselves of them. We know this!!

    However, we can call all we want for his removal from office. Its our right!!! We just want him gone!!!

  2. Elections aren’t determined by the words on the street, Drama King. Votes are what signs the deal. Please, don’t get me wrong. Please dont accuse me of having tunnel vision. It is a fact that HAI was voted in. To have him removed, the electorate must vote against him. Calls for his removal from office before general elections because your personal opinions are undemocratic. Thats not the way governments are installed or removed. I am confident that in due time we will be rid of most of the politicians that have walked in parliament for so many years – however, the process of removal will still remain.

  3. And, Young One, you dont have to tell me, I KNOW my voting rights and I WILL make a conscious effort to rid this Bahamas of the MENACE called Hubert Alexander Ingraham.

    MANY people share my view and cant wait to do the same. Your beloved Hubert Ingraham will be in a fetal position, rocking himself back and forth come the day after next election when he realizes that he is stripped of all powers.

  4. Young One…you seem to be a little ticked off at the mention of HAI going. Sorry to say that is the general concensus of Bahamians or you dont listen to what people on the street are saying. Open your mind up from your current tunnel vision and see whats all around you.

    Remember EACH PERSON has their opinion and mine is that Hubert Alexander Ingraham needs to go!!!

    Half of those people who “wanted Ingraham back” were PLANTED by him and his side kicks to call him out of retirement because he wanted so DESPERATELY to be in charge again.

  5. The people wanted Ingraham back. I dont see how its within the scope of your purview to decide when and if Hubert Ingraham needs to go.

    The Bahamas will make that decision as an electorate. If you no longer want HAI, vote otherwise!

  6. If you have read some of my other posts you would see that I constantly say the TWO of them need to go. They BOTH have 30 years in the political arena. Its time to GO and let someone else have a chance.

    The people of this country voted the FNM back in due to the PLP’s scandals etc and the ingenius way in which Hubert Ingraham led his campaign. They are now convinced that they made a mistake. The FNM clearly does not care about anyone INCLUDING their own supporters.

  7. Perry Christie has been around just as long as Hubert Ingraham has. Why dont you call for his resignation? The way I see it, if the Bahamas didnt want Ingraham until 2012 they would have voted Christie and the PLP in again. They didnt. The people will have their say again in five years!

  8. Hold on Gibson! No one is wishing death and sickness on the PM. Where did you get that?? I am just saying that its time for him to go. Surely you dont believe this is the only man that can run our country? Just how he was given a chance, its time now for someone else to be afforded the opportunity to run our country. Thirty years is a long time and now its just plain old greed why he is still at the helm.

  9. Let our PM be with us as long as it is possible. No matter what you political view is you must admit he is the best PM Bahamas has been blessed with. You folks wishing death and sickness on the PM are wishing death and sickness on the Bahamas. Please get real and be careful of the kind of things you pray for.

  10. Thirty years!!!! I didnt realize those two jokers were around so long. Its time for them to go!!! Aint Hubert said L.O. Pindling’s twenty-five year reign was too much and he had to go, so why he still around after thirty years?

    The political arena needs to rid itself of these two law partners – Hubert and Perry. Its TIME FOR A CHANGE. People open your eyes and realize these people are working together. We have no Opposition in this country due to this. GET RID OF THEM NOW before its too late!!

  11. The potential “Obama” for our future leadership is in the making. It will take all in this country between the ages of 30 – 45 to welcome him, and support him against the greedy Dinosaurs of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s from distracting him from paving our future.


  12. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Correct Bennie, CORRECT! 30 Years in politics for these two men – who are both ill – speaks volumes as to why the country is not moving as it should. WE NEED CHANGE!!!!! 30 YEARS IS ENOUGH!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  13. Why, He still get what it takes to run this thing, Perry is much older than him and he trying top come back.

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