PLP: Government Must Show Compassion



Members of the opposition Progressive Liberal Party continued in the House of Assembly their argument for the government of The Bahamas, to come to the rescue of its people. Member of Parliament for West End and Bimini, Obie Wilchombe called for the government to, ‘stop the victimization’ during his contribution.

Nassau, Bahamas – With the ever increasing cost of living in The Bahamas, which has been sharply exacerbated by the rising cost of food, gasoline and electricity, it was surprising that the Government owned Mortgage Corporation would be announcing it’s intent to take action against homeowners who have become delinquent in these tough economic times. This position by the FNM to potentially evict homeowners facing hard times prompted the following statement from the Progressive Liberal Party.

Statement by Glenys Hanna Martin, Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party on behalf of the Progressive Liberal Party, Wednesday May 7th, 2008

The Progressive Liberal Party expresses its surprise and dismay that at a time when the government should be intervening to ease the burden and suffering of the Bahamian people, the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation is now threatening homeowners who have become delinquent in meeting their obligations to the corporation.

While we do not in any way condone the evasion of obligations to the corporation, it is nevertheless clear that in an atmosphere of recession, unemployment and price inflation, the public policy of the government ought to be the alleviation of suffering, not the increasing of pressure when families are most vulnerable.

We believe that each delinquent homeowner should be approached confidentially by the corporation and the maximum effort should be made to regularize their obligations. It is very disappointing that the government has instead chosen to threaten homeowners when they are most challenged by oppressive economic conditions.