PLP headed for another major victory in the 2017 General Election


Grand Bahama and New Providence are reaching for the GOLD!

PLPs in massive support for the kickoff of the 2017 General Election Season.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is getting ready to endorse key candidate for the upcoming general elections and boy, after yesterday at the PLP massive TSUMANI GOLD RUSH motorcade yesterday we are deciding to just onetime endorse the party to form the next government of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Never in the history of the Bahamas has a motorcade assembled the way it did on Arawak Cay as like yesterday. And on Grand Bahama if the PLP does not collect all five seats on that island we would be shock.

The PLP is ready. It has massive national support across the Bahamas. Its elections machinery is unmatched and strong. Its plans are clear and this week Wednesday both leaders of the PLP are set to met the press on its ideas and plans for the way forward.

Today we highlight photos from both events on Grand Bahama and here in New Providence.

All we at Bahamas Press ga say is this…This ain’t gern…IT COMING!


We report yinner decide!

Grand Bahama motorcade stretched 4 miles into West End yesterday.

Ken Dorsett for Southern Shores along with young supporters at Arawak Cay

PLP Massive motorcade along Carmichael Road.

PLP Deputy Leader Philip Brave Davis on stage at the MASSIVE PLP TSUMANI GOLD RUSH EVENT on ARAWAK CAY.

DPM Davis and Ann along with candidate Julian Russell.

Davis on the back of the truck headed into West End.

Hundreds showed up on Grand Bahama in support of the PLP.

Four Mile motorcade into West EnD!

Not enough busses for the hundreds that showed up.

Massive support on Arawak Cay following the GOLD RUSH Motorcade


  1. BP,.. it was not just a Motorcade in Grand Bahama yesterday, the PLP had a “MonsterCade”!!!
    A new word was formed yesterday, as History was made.

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