PLP: Ingraham Has Crowd Envy



24th April 2012

In North Andros, Bahamians continue to face severe economic challenges.

The Prime Minister paid North Androsians a visit last night, but did not address those challenges.

Instead, he showed Bahamians he has a severe case of crowd envy – rambling about the enormous size of PLP crowds and wondering whether trick photography could be involved.

No, Prime Minister. Thousands of Bahamians are attending PLP rallies because they are excited about a new generation of PLP leaders, because they are ready for a government that knows how to fight crime and create jobs.

Bahamians are tired of a government still blaming the global recession for the highest unemployment in the Caribbean – our neighbors are outpacing us in economic growth and stopover tourists. Bahamians are ready to fire a government that has failed to keep them safe.

The Prime Minister’s bizarre and even paranoid remarks were pathetic, reflecting how out of touch he has become.

His suggestions about holograms and dead people were incoherent – does he believe the media to be complicit in the deception of the public as well?

When the votes are counted, the Prime Minister will finally understand: Bahamians want a government that believes in them, not a government that says Bahamians Need Not Apply.