Brave Davis: It’s Not Too Late to Save BTC for Bahamians

Hon. Philip Brave Davis MP for Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador.



5TH APRIL, 2011

It’s Not Too Late to Save BTC for Bahamians.

The announcement that the completion of the sale of BTC was delayed yesterday is a case of classic FNM bungling.  Haste makes waste. This case of the BTC sale showcases the government’s epic mismanagement of a deal that has been mishandled from the start.  The good news: it’s not too late to stop the deal.  It must be stopped in the national interest.

While, privatizing BTC is a good idea, giving ownership control of BTC to Cable & Wireless — a company with a history of trouble in the Caribbean — for a fire sale price has always been a terrible idea. The deal stinks.

This is what happens when you have government by a one man band, rushing about trying to do everything and to some ideological and prescribed agenda.

The PLP calls on the government to turn his bungled job into an opportunity — it’s not too late to do the right thing.  Let’s keep a key Bahamian asset in Bahamian hands.  The PLP is ready and willing to sponsor new legislation to offer shares of BTC to the Bahamian public.  Telecommunications is critical to our development in the 21st century — let’s work together to do this right.


  1. wanna know why we poor? ask gubment why we cant invest any significant amount outside of the Bahamas, as Bahamians we are stuck here on this rock to be poor for life. Protest that!

  2. To: Not a crook

    Please explain to me why BTC is a liability. It is so very easy to make these asinine comments when you hide your identity behind a pseudonym. It is probably best that you do this, rather than expose your stupidity to the world.

  3. !

    Dear Mr. Davis:

    I am praying the same prayer that Jesus prayed over the infertile Fig Tree over this stalled CWC deal. That “STINK DEAL” needs to remain dead and plucked up from its root!

    Thank you so much for STANDING for the Bahamian people and for helping those of us who wished to fight. We look forward to the unveiling of your progressive proposals of how we may meaningfully benfit from a BTC privatised by Bahamian share-holders and telephone company operators.

    May God hasten the day of such a reality as He continues to keep you and your family.

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