PLP Leader, Perry Christie, gets ready for the BIG DANCE!


The Progressive Liberal Party takes exception with the FNM’s practice of misleading the Bahamian public on the support for the BTC sale to Cable & Wireless.

The press release issued by the FNM points to two unscientific polls that were conducted. Both polls were conducted before the facts of the BTC sale were tabled in the House of Assembly and made public to the Bahamians.  Furthermore, the FNM release and associated polls misrepresented the question and objection of Bahamians. The unscientific polls focused on whether privatization was a good idea, and not real issue that concerns the majority of Bahamians, which is whether this sale to Cable & Wireless under the proposed terms tabled in the House of Assembly last week is a good deal.

The PLP proposes that the majority of Bahamians are against this specific sale of BTC. The PLP has committed itself to a series of statements and position pieces that will clearly note our objections to the BTC sale, focused on different objections. The PLP is also committed in these releases to educating Bahamians as to the shortfalls of this proposed sale of BTC. The PLP demands that the FNM be honest and straight forward with the Bahamian people on this give-away of the people’s asset, BTC.

The Parliamentary Caucus of the PLP wants to hear from all concerned Bahamians. Please feel free to voice your concerns and objections by calling (242) 328-0808 or going online to the Facebook group “BTC: Fact Not Fiction”.


  1. It should be appreciated that while the PLP’s deal with Blue Waters was a far better one than this giveaway by the FNM to C & W, in light of the outcry by Bahamians to the sale of any part of BTC to foreigners THE PLP, to its credit, has changed its position and now believes that the wishes of the Bahamian people should be adherred to; unlike the FNM, or Hubert Ingraham I should say, who doesn’t want to listen to the Bahamian people. We keep accusing these political leaders of not listening to the people but now that the PLP’s leader has listened and indeed has changed policy and responded, in kind, we still want to castigate him. Castigate Ingraham and the FNM who has failed to listened. The PLP will win this election because they are for the people and the people are finally getting it that the FNM is not for the people.

  2. This is a bad deal for true. But bad for Cable and Wireless. Why the He** they want get themselves into such a deal. if you read it you will ask WHY?????

    And people the 210Mill, is only for 51% they won’t own 100% of the assets.

    Some of us Bahamians are making a lot of noise about the sale and saying sell it to Bahamians. OK if Bahamians raise the money to buy it, then what ??? What next. Are we willing to keep the 300 extra staff? Are we willing to continue to keep the rates High to fund Capital projects???

    is BTC really something that Bahamians should be crying to hold on to???

  3. The PLp want to captalize on the privatization of BTC.The PLP sold BTC to foreigners when they voted to sell BTC to bluewater in 2007. The PLP certainly has never been an honest party and soon the Bahamian people will find out the truth.

    I bet the PLP will loose in 2012, despite the what seems to be a highly motivated opposition.

  4. you know something i promise myself that i would never support this group of plp leaders anymore but if they san get the country behind the in support of this bad btc deal they might get my support in the next election.i’m listining to all these supporters of the fnm on the airways saying how this c&w deal will be good for the bahamas that’s a bunch of is it that people who we no nothing about can tell us that thingw will be better for us isn’t that how we got here from people we need to wake up these people adviseing the government in most part are wash up has been businessmen has any of them made money in there private lives and i’m talking about real money,self made millionaires who we the people can say john brown made 20million dollars for his company and if he’s adviseing the government of the bahamas maybe the btc deal isn’t that bad for us so we can make a dollar for our families.but you know what we have a bunch of people trying to get rich of the backs of the rest of us,just look at the port deal,the airport deal’the road improvement deal where are the poor or average people in this town.i tell people all the time this set of fnm mp and supporters want to make sure that when the general election is called next year and many of them will never see the halls of parliment again they want to leave with money in there pockets and deals that will support their families for generations to come.unlike the plp of 1992 who by my account many of them left broke or near broke,my people we need to take this country in a different direction if we want to survive as a people.

  5. Any reasonable citizen of our great Bahamas after reading the BTC MOU agreement presented without any shame to the House by the Honorable Prime Minister would be extremely concerned, if not shocked, by not only the disposal price sale of $210 million, but the unnecessary sale of valuable real estate to a foreign interest. Also, the alarm bell must ring with this government agreeing to pay a whopping $100 million to this newly incorporated and foreign owned party. Where is the promise guaranteed to present this agreement to Bahamians to review, accept or reject.

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