PLP Renewing Expired Contracts of some Persons hired by the FNM in RUNUP to Elections


Some order is coming to the chaos perpetrated on the Bahamian People by Hubert Ingraham  and his minion, Zhivargo Laing

GUILTY!!!! Laing and Papa wrecked the Bahamian economy. What a FAILURE!!!! Both then ABANDONED THE FNM and Country.

The GUILTY Pair attempted to drive the Bahamian economy over the fiscal cliff!

Nassau, Bahamas — The Ministry of Finance is finally trying to bring some order to the chaos perpetrated on the Bahamian People by Hubert Ingraham  and his minion, Zhivargo Laing, during the run up to the May 7,2012 General elections. They hired scores of supporters on a contractual basis as an election ploy to gain votes.

Our readers should recall how the Jobs program went over and above what was approved by the Parliament, to the tune of 25 million dollars. How many of us remember the Jump start program, where persons were given free money by the FNM?. We reported on a lady in Fort Charlotte, who didn’t even apply for the funds, being called repeatedly to come for the money.

There was wicked and diabolical abuse of the Public purse by the Ingraham Led Government. Now the PlP has decided to get rid of the Slackers hired by Laing over at the Business License Unit. These Cronies whose Contracts have expired are set to be disengaged. They have been sucking on the over strained nipples of the Bahamian People.

We are told that a number of these Slackers may have showed up to work twice in the last fifteen months. Just like the FNM , they want to continue to collect a salary beyond their contract date without providing a service for it.

We have been advised that persons who have been productive and have provided a service for their pay, will be reengaged.

The MP for East Grand Bahama, Peter Turnquest has issued a Press Release, running on with all manner of things. Unlike the wutless Tribune, we will publish his statement in full.

In our view, Mr. Turnquest has more pressing problems that he should be attending to. We understand that he may be a part owner of Sky Bahamas and if so, he has a lot on his plate. He should stop talking Fool.

We here at BP continue to say, we cannot continue with carrying Slackers on the Public Purse.