PLP responds to Ingraham’s dream to transform the Bahamas




For Immediate release

25th April 2011

We waited with bated breath and some anticipation for the Prime Minister to announce to the country tonight in his national address that he and his colleagues had decided to honour and follow the judgment of the Supreme Court to pay compensation to the Bahamian small business owners who lost substantial monies because of the closure and reversal of Blue Hills Road.  Sadly tonight there was no such announcement.

We call upon him to do so and to cease with this smoke and mirror politics.  We urge him to follow the law.

In our view the statement this evening was nothing but the usual political attempt to distract the country from the real problems which face it.  Those are crime and unemployment.  After four years and hundreds of murders since the FNM came to office promising to fix crime, Hubert Ingraham is still promising to come back to the country with his plan on crime.  Four years later, he has no plan.  His statement tonight is an admission of failure.

The PLP will watch very carefully this planned infrastructural development.  Our suspicion is that the developments are on the face of it an attempt to upgrade infrastructure but the more important political purpose is to give more monies into the hands of the special interests that support Mr. Ingraham and the FNM politically.  The PLP will be watching to see if the usual monied special interests that were awarded the work at the new Port, at the Stadium and on the projects at Cable Beach will again get the jobs for the infrastructural works now planned for the city of Nassau.  The Prime Minister and his colleagues are shameless.

The PLP does not believe that the people of this country are fooled for one minute by this obvious political attempt in his national address to hoodwink the Bahamian people. The children cannot get scholarships to go to school because of FNM policies.  The roads that have been started are not finished and where finished are not done up to standard.  Business owners have suffered substantially because of the road works and closures. Now there is to be more suffering and pain without compensation.

 Some people are living in darkness tonight because they cannot afford to keep the power on.  Others are sleeping in cars in Grand Bahama and the other islands because they have no place to live.  Others are terrified as they sit in their homes because of the crime which has become rampant under the Hubert Ingraham administration.

We cannot afford another day with this FNM government at the helm.  People are suffering.  The PLP puts people first.  The FNM talks about buildings, hills and dales. 

 We ask the Bahamian people to watch these works carefully and see who benefits from the use of this scarce Bahamian capital: the special interests and the foreign workers.  That is who has benefitted under this FNM government and we fear those are the only people that will benefit again.

The PLP upon its return to office pledges to put people back to work and to assure every Bahamian businessman and woman that Bahamians will come first under a PLP administration.



  1. @Okay. No one is saying that the FNM did nothing, but there are some serious allegations against this government. What is more frightening is the branches of government that are meant to check and balance the system are totally corrupted. The people we once thought were honest and upright people have really surprised a lot of people with their acceptance this governments nonsense. Those that sat quiet as injustices took place are equally to blame.
    From the Chief Justice straight down the line of the judiciary is corrupt and unjust. This corruption is pervasive in every branch of our government and society. Not even the church is immune.
    One that struck a nerve with me in your comment though is where you mentioned tourist seeing cracked roads. Why are we so concerned about tourist all the time? We have so many idiots in this country that if we ever went to war the front lines should comprise more than half our population. Idiots idiots idiots! The roads first and foremost are for the pleasure and safety of the Bahamian people. Second, having proper motorways are essential to the economy as goods and services must be transported around the island. Third, having good roads does not improve the traffic and flow of people. We will soon outgrow them. The solution is to have sensible systems of public transport and find innovative ways of delivering services using technology.

  2. how do u stand on tv an lie to bahamains an say things are getting better. Where do u live Mr Prime Minister, we are being killed, going jobless, hungry an u ga tell me dat u ga build more roads sir only ppl getting help is mosko developers who is a well known FNM an bahama hot mix who is owned by the Mr Brent sminotte.

  3. If you listened or read Papa’s address to the nation on Tuesday night, more like a 2012 pre campaign speech, it sure sounds like this FNM government is on the ball with all the road works projects he announced, but is it really a good move by this government? If they spend say $100 Million on road projects and you divided it by say the 146,000 Bahamians living in our capital city it equals just less than $700 per citizen. Ask most Bahamians what they would do with an extra $700 and they might tell you they would spend it at the food stores, pay their electricity bill, maybe buying a little item for their home, taking their family to a move or restaurant, little bit on clothing for their kids or for school supplies, or to a movie. This massive injection of millions of dollars by consumers into the economy results in every business standing a good chance to get some of it into their cash registers. The business owner now has much needed cash to renovate his business or home and to take his family to a movie. Because the stores and restaurants have more cash flow they will replace their stock from their wholesalers. The wholesales can buy a new delivery van from the local car dealer and the dealer’s entire employees stand a much greater chance too keeps their jobs. Truth is a great number of our citizens will share in or benefit from the $100 Million. Either way the government does not have this amount of money sitting in their bank account so they have to borrow it and we Bahamians have to repay it back with interest.

  4. i do not know what world some of you people live in .you seem to be in the make believe world i love what okay had to say seems like she is the only one that lives in the bahamas if you can not see what the goverment is doing why are you making all this noise

  5. & to Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. “THINK BAHAMAS” let me guess you have a job rite. Please how long the money from NIB suppose to last & by the way that would have bin some of my own money givin back to me so please dont do it, not now, its not a good time ok hun.

  6. who is ms. delores miller? the pm ain’t married aye? we need to see ing-rum birth certificate. something fishy going on aye??

  7. Media am not dumb, that’s like me sayin i can’t find a job & not looking for a job, do you really think that I have not registered as yet, please don’t do it.

  8. The prime Minister after Four years has just realised how badly the Bahamian people are hurting.anytime you have a man who spends hundreds of millions of dollars on roads and yet thousands of your people are without power,you are not a leader you are a loser.Mr. Ingram you failed us.You said it was a matter of trust.we will never trust you again.(5 votes in my house).

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    • The list relates that the Prime Minister of the Bahamas is with Ms. Delores Miller. Miss implies a Spinister is on the royal list. If the Prime Minister is married how come she is not a lady or Mrs. The Governor General Of The Bahamas and Lady Foulkes are clearly written. The dream to transform the Bahamas has already taken place until there is intervention which would reveal the real intention.

  10. TAL RUSSELL I kno thjis is a serious topic and i read your post and you made solid points but your oopening remark “people can’t eat tar” had me laffin most of the morning. brilliant line.

  11. I was a little undecided on who i would vote for in this up coming election,but thanks to this website i can see a little clearer now & i only started using this website b-cuz i am jobless & can not afford the newspaper everyday. I will be voting for PLP b-cuz am TIRED. Am tired of not having a Job, am tired of the crime, am sick & tired of everything i ga help 2 vote there ASSES out. The PLP is going to WIN the next election.

    • Sammy you can get all heated all you want with the FNM! YOU MUST REGISTER IN ORDER TO VOTE!


      • look here i am so sick and tired my self of this gorvement and the plp and i decided that i was not going to vote but after all THATS going on in this country i decided that i must make a change because the F N M is not making any sense I JUST HAVE TO VOTE

  12. I personally think the FNM is doing a great job. You can’t say their not for the people. Their helping alot of unfortunate people by restructuring the roads and buildings etc. Do you think tourist want to see cracked up roads with big pot holes and broken down buildings?? I sure wouldn’t. That’s not beauty! The tourist are the money!! That’s what you people are complaining about right. Crime just got worst this year. Give them time. They can’t be on the scene of a crime before it happens. They can’t read minds. There will still be criminals if the PLP was in power!!! There would still be jobless bahamians!!! There would still be homeless people!!! It’s up to the people to want help!! One voice can’t speak for thousands of others!!! You love your country!! Get out and help!!! There’s dogs running around homeless, theres people laying out on Bay Street homeless, there’s a child sitting at home in the dark by themselves. So much things are happening that we the people can help with. Let the government deal with the big problems!! We can handle the little ones. We shall prevail!!!! 🙂

    • Ya know OKAY it is persons loike yourself who give WUTLESSNESS a PASS and CORRUPTION a jump suit! The country has not created a single JOB in five year. We would agree to the fact that more persons are out of work today than there was in 2007. Or 2002 for that matter.

      There is a MASSIVE MASSIVE JOBLESSNESS in Grand Bahama in particular and no resolution or solution for that matter has come from the EMPTY HEADS who sit in power.

      THE COUNTRY NEEDS CHANGE and we ga say it again, WE NEED THE PLP!


      • I note your response, were have you been for the last two years, you do realize that thw world went through a recession… that means the Bahamas to… PLP GDP don,t realy care but all would have had to deal with the situation on the ground… loss of jobs, business failures, etc… think and stop from being so irrational. facts are facts.. All other countries coming out of the recession used the same plan during the hight of the reccession; that was to upgrade infrastructure by providing jobs for a few… it was impossible for the government to carry all the burden regarding unemployed workers, they did what they could to assist through NIB. I guess this ain good enough for you.. always remember you can eat in some places in Africa a meal is few and far apart. Be greatful to be a Bahamian and remember nothing in life is free.. perhaps its hand outs you seek if that the key PLP is your choice.

        • @ThinkBahamas
          Finally! A voice of reason. I was starting to think there was no hope for this “group-think” mentality here. Boy we really dus live in a big box… I guess we are supposed to be fooled and bedazzled into believing that PLP now has the Master Plan and when they get into office they ga “make it rain” up in here. Pleaaazzzzzeeee. There is no magic wand for this situation here in the Bahamas. It is going to a while for us to get up and walk again.

          I just wish we were not so ignorant to the fact that it is so easy to point the finger when your not sitting in the hot seat. Before you go an cast your votes I just ask you to do one smart thing.

          Go back and try to research and find out all the promises the last Government made just before elections. Then compare that to their actual their track record when they were in office. Now give it an unbiased grade.

          Next make a list of the current Government of the same thing and give it a grade. Compare the two. But that’s not it – your smart work is just beginning. You should now make a list of things that occurred during both administrations that were destructive to your country. Not you personally but the overall way of life for all Bahamians.

          If you do all of this before you start running on cause everyone else singing the same chorus we might just stand a chance to get this country back on track to being the standard in the Caribbean. We joking man. We done lost our way so bad and all we can do is keep complain about who getting and who ein getting. We are not kids here and we need to grow up now to the responsibility of taking care of what we have for the next generations to come.

          We so used to all foolishness that we can see straight no more. Get your heads out the damn sandbox and stand on top of it so you can see what’s it really going on. Realize that if you take a dollar dishonestly from someone today – you will have to pay for that ten-fold. Those are not our laws – those are GOD’s laws! Why you think we feeling it so hard right now? Karma is a M’fer no matter how low you duck you …..

      • BP – Come on… I thought good media should be unbaised! Anyhow, Yes, I agree we need change but first and foremost a straight up attitude change. We stupid as hell… Yeah, I said that and I will tell you why I am of that opinion.

        We keep setting up selves up for failure. We keep perpetrating the same cycle of corruption. I just moves from one party to the next. So today you crying for PLP; then once they done showed you their true natural colors ya start crying for FNM — man please. When we ga get it right? You get to choose from the better or two evils then?

        Here is why I say we are the dumb ones and we need to get our **it together man (real talk)…

        I keep hearing my colleagues make statements like “why we I keep paying money to send my kids away to college only to have them come back to no jobs?” WOW is all I could say.

        Simple, you don’t plan correctly. Don’t blame the Government…. Now before you all get all hot over this comment – check our some very simple facts:

        1. BEFORE your kids even go to college YOU know there are no jobs here when they left, so why they think when get back it ga be some when they get back?

        2. What kind of education they going for? How many IT Professionals can one small island have? How many Engineers? Doctors?… You see where I am going with this?

        3. I know you say the Govt should invest in Small Businesses – yes, I do agree. But to what extent? Go check the registry and tell me how many of the small businesses that PLP funded are still in operation today? Hopefully that number will be over 5%… yeah, right.

        Now, I am not saying the situation is hopeless – but if you really expect to see some good results – you not only have to make a solid plan – you have to make sure the plan can be fully implements AND Executed! This is were we drop the ball… Why?

        We put our trust in the wrong people to get things done! This is no funny business we are dealing with here today. Our futures are at stake our kids futures are at stake. No one man has the power to destroy that! If you tell me otherwise then I will say we are really some damn fools…

        We could talk all the foolishness we want to all day long – but one thing is for certain – talk is very cheap and right now this country has invested too much stock in it. We need CHANGE like my grandson need his diper changed after a few hours of eating too much and then **itting too much!


  13. Great points by the two presenters;the FNM Govt has no idea on how to address CRIME.Shame on them for breaking up the Police Force and allowing Crime to spral out of control.

  14. BP.It bears reminding my Bahamian brethren that the first thing that the FNM did when coming to power was stop, review or cancel some of the projects of the former administration. They were warned by Standard & Poors and the World Bank that this could be detrimental to the Bahamas, nevertheless, they proceeded on their course and we are still seeing the results.I really don’t see what the PM is talking about. Tthe money that they spend is mostly that of the Bahamian taxpayer; we have to pay it back.It seems to me that if Bahamians have to repay all of this borrowing,then, Bahamians should be the lead contractors on these jobs or at least the lead subcontractor.This of course will not happen. The FNM is so driven by spite and self hatred that they will never do right by the Bahamian people.

    • And that is the very reason why no one is doing business in this town with them. The FNM has brought not one NEW DEVELOPMENT PROJECT to the country since coming to office in 2007. NOT ONE! And we challenge then to name one and we will tell them how it got to the Bahamas.


  15. While I am not a fan of this current FNM government or returning the PLP to power … HAI made some good points. The infrastructure work is BADLY needed, and putting it off any further would greatly harm the future economic growth of the country. And I due truely hope, if the PLP comes to power they do not halt this work, because it will cause our country to fall further behind. But I ask, what is the long term infrastucture plan for our country. Where is the National Development Plan. However, he showed once again, that he has no clue on the PEOPLE. Right now crime is out of control. And it has been getting worse over the last 4 years. What is the National Plan for dealing with crime? What about the growing unemployment? These are the things the people want to know. I am glad that he addressed the roads work, because the people needed to know, but other issues should have been addressed.

  16. To the best of my knowledge there has never been a government that was returned to government based upon their public works road projects. People cannot eat Tar. Last night this FNM cabinet once again proved to all Bahamians, FNM or PLP that they are not only unqualified to reign in serious crimes but last night they decided to tell Bahamians that water pipes are more urgent than dealing with or nation’s crime. Did you hear what Papa said last night on crime? Well he said he knows it’s bad but he is working on a plan to deal with the criminals and that he’s asking Bahamians to be patient with his FNM government and this FNM cabinet will be dealing with crime, right after they lay all the pipes. I wanted to reach into my TV screen and give that man a serious shake to remind him that Bahamians are being killed with guns, knives and pipes and all he could say last night was for them to hold on while your family and brothers and sisters are being murdered. The FNM cabinet has been there since 2007 and last night for the very first time this FNM cabinet admitted that they do not have a clue to to Bahamaland.

    • We can’t eat tar but putting tar on the roads so tourist can still want to travel here and not consider us a second class vacation destination and decide to go elsewhere in the region to spend their money might just be a very smart decision in the interest of all. This (tar) should be looked at as an investment in your future and mine! It may not be gratifying today but we don’t only live for today. We seem to not know this. INVEST so you don’t have to always be with your hands out. If we change our understanding a bit maybe we can put our hands down and “…lift up our heads” once again.

      It also could be that just maybe the prior parties while in power neglected it (roads/infrastructure) so much that it was a must to get it done in this administration. We can’t always invest in the same things that do not provide us with any solid ROI. Sooner or later you will need those roads so you can get to work! Think positive and let us not alway be so vain as to only find negative things to point too ….

      It seems like we trying to say we don’t need tourist no more. Or at least we should not consider them important to our economy anymore. Bey hey – we should not try to bite the hand that feeds us.

      I am not an FNM or PLP or BDM or WXYZ — I am a real Bahamian with real values. Who are you? What does it say on your birth certificate?

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