PLP says Level of crime unacceptably high and threatens our way of life


PLP STATEMENT: The Bahamas now “boasts” a record number of murders totaling some 148 since 2009 and 299 murders since 2007! The record will show that for this relatively small country, 78 murders were committed in 2007; 73 were committed in 2008; 85 were committed in 2009 and 63 murders were committed year to date 2010. Needless to say, this carnage in our streets is totally unacceptable.

In the Nassau Guardian of Thursday, June 17, 2010, Minister Turnquest confirmed what the PLP had been saying all along:

“…continuing unacceptable levels of crime endanger our economic and social well-being and our standing as a country and a people”.

The PLP admonishes the National Security Minister that a description of this vexing problem and its baneful effects on Bahamian society doth not a solution make.

Crime and the fear of crime infest every area of Bahamian society. Law abiding citizens are not safe and do not feel safe on the streets nor in their homes. There is too much crime and too much fear of crime. The FNM must bear some responsibility for this horrific state of affairs.

It is the responsibility of the government to provide for the safety of all persons within The Bahamas. The FNM continues to show criminals that it does not take crime and the fear of crime seriously.

In 2007, the FNM stopped and cancelled the Swift Justice initiative. The FNM has directed that Swift Justice must not be reinstated. While every government has the legal right to change public policies, a government does not have the right to do so to the national detriment. There is no tangible evidence of a comparable replacement policy to the Swift Justice Initiative.

While law abiding Bahamians suffer, the FNM refuses to reinstate what they call a PLP program. Under the Swift Justice initiative, all stakeholders in the criminal justice system were working together and criminals were getting the message that they would be swiftly caught, prosecuted and punished. The Swift Justice initiative commenced under the PLP was working.  For 6 months (2 sessions) trials proceeded as planned. No criminal matter was dropped off the calendar for reasons within the control of the prosecution.  Now that the FNM has cancelled Swift Justice initiative, the criminal justice system has reverted to matters not coming on for trial even though they have been set down for trial.  They are not coming on for trial for reasons within the control of the government, such as, witnesses are not turning up for trial and evidence is not available for trial.

The FNM also stopped the plans left in place by the PLP for the electronic tracking of people out on bail. Now there are increasing numbers of people accused of murder committing more murders while out on bail! There is no means to track their movements. Criminals are successfully manipulating and exploiting apparent weaknesses in the criminal justice system to the national detriment. Many corrective measures are within the control of the government.

The Attorney General has not yet set down for trial those persons charged with the recent breaking and entering of several government buildings. This sends the wrong message to criminals. These persons who broke into the buildings connected with the nation’s national security should have been tried by now as a matter of urgency and priority. They have been arrested. Breaking into those buildings is so serious that they should be tried immediately.

Swift prosecutions and executing swift justice would send the right message to criminals that law abiding Bahamians have had enough and their shenanigans will not be tolerated.


  1. One thing I give you credit for is your ability to defend the defenceless.I am happy that you have acknowledged the crime problem and your hope that the Govt can find solutions.However you offer no solutions or hope that the Govt is capable of affecting a bipartisan model since my words in your view only the FNM Govt can find a solution to the high crime.Despite our political differences we can start the ball rolling here by not digressing but instead forgetting what the politicians are saying and use our street smarts to put forward suggestions.My first input is the use of Justices of the Peace to hear minor matters especially reported traffic offences and domestic complaints.

  2. I can’t believe you ppl. Talking about old shit like rape and so many people are getting murdered and getting away. It is a shame on all Bahamians that we accept a scared way of lying, as a way to live life. Instead of tackling it on first hand, we are bringing up things that dont matter. The FMN surely has zombies in its crew of followers

  3. What is so amazing is that you all are so quick to blame Tommy and Hurbert, but what Crime has both of these men done. One the other hand, check what some of you all are defending the actions of rape, raping ZNS etc out of money, it is amazing.

    The FNM must find ways to deal with the criminal element and it is only a small amount of people causing problems for the majority. But I tell you know, the solution is not found in Mr. Christie and his PLP, no not at all.

  4. It is truly amazing how people will try to politicize EVERYTHING. Then when crime shows up to their front door they want to speak out.

    • i agree we always seek to blame.the problem is national one, the church, pastor, bishop, lawyers doctors, teachers, and most of all parents who encourage their kids to have illigit kids and bring home stolen goods. Yes we know where all the drugs holes are, because many of us use drugs(in the closet) i do everyday. but will we turn in our suppliers NO. we are a bunch of hippos of the first order…….light it up les smoke a big one

  5. Oh Lord help us if persons like the misinformed and intellectually short have a serious sway in implementing crime strategies.The Govts manifesto omn Crime is in tatters and it will take gutsdy leadership to solve the dilemma we find ourselves in.Nothing is more important than effectively tackling Crime so forget the digressions.Eagle can you be a voice for your brethen?Even though I disagree with you on some of your postures at least you have ideas unlike these persons now seeking to speak for the Govt.Mercenaries are bad for clear thinking as they are paid for a job and conscience is not a factor.

  6. @ Willard, Gary & KB, What a silly arguement. Our children are dieing everyday on the streets like dogs, the country is crying out for change and answers from our current Goverment and all you guys can come up with is this nonsense? from years ago when the PLP was in power? Are you guys serious? or just out of touch?

  7. Gary & Willard,
    If the PLP paid the NIB and ZNS bill and the ‘rape’ matter was resolved, would that solve today’s crime problem? Will that stop all the killings, armed robberies and rapes?
    Stupid political rhetoric is not going to solve our problems today.

  8. Mr. Dean, you are right. The PLP still owes ZNS. You are right, the PLP’s were caught up in scandle back in the day.

    But, they are releasing a statement on the crime situation in the Bahamas. Unless you live somewhere else, you would know that they are right. Why are you making that a political thing by going back to PLP scandle. Let’s deal with reality, crime is out of control, no matter which government is in power.

    Are you saying that the PLP is lying about our crime situation? Stop being petty and be a Bahamian. If the FNM is your choice, you can still tell them they need to step up, nothing is wrong with that.

  9. The PLP never cease to cause me to think just how they have no shame. We can remember the days of drugs, and scandalous behavior of them, but you know what they have no shame.

    Can any answer me if the PLP has paid ZNS as yet ?

    • Must NEW generations of PLP suffer for the mistakes of the OLD? If that is the case YOU (especially)as an older person along with your generation should be held accountable for the way this country is today and what other youth and I are experiencing. The present comes from the past.

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