PM loses Cabinet Vote to have John Pinder named as the Director of Labour!


Could PM Minnis be losing his grip on the Cabinet?

Former BPSU President John Pinder.

Nassau – Prime Minister The Hon. Hubert Minnis is not having his way in Cabinet and today our Cabinet Source has confirmed that the PM is finding it tough selling his officers in top governmental posts.

His most recent failure inside the room came as the PM attempted to appoint John Pinder as the new Director of Labour. A tough heated fight among Ministers on Pinder came and the proposal was resoundingly defeated.

Pinder’s past, along with the fact that Ministers remembered how police found drugs in his home, killed the PM’s proposal to have Pinder named in the top post.

BP has some advice for the PM. Since you, sir, are the only one who can set the agenda of the Cabinet, make sure a majority of your Ministers agree with what you bring to the table. Now there is another way to do this: operate like Papa and become a one-man band and don’t tell Ministers what your decision is on anything!

We report yinner decide!