PM Minnis campaigns on Bimini today during Lent – Bishops dem gats nothing to say about it!

Alice Town Bimini

BIMINI| Bahamas Press is on the ground in Bimini where we can report the Competent Authority is holding a day rally and motorcade on on the island.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is creating confusion and is unclear as he fails to warn the People of the Bahamas that he is about to call a SNAP GENERAL ELECTION, yet, right now he is on Bimini greeting and meeting his few supporters.

Minnis visit on Bimini comes while CAT CAY just a few miles away reported some 16 persons having tested positive for COVID19. That Cay has been placed on lockdown and PM Minnis and his hired rent-a-rally crew will not be visiting there.

Bahamas Press is urging residents to keep socially distant when the PM passes. Das da SUPER-SPREADER right there!

We report yinner decide!