PM Minnis concedes defeat; calling up FNM base, calling up the political dead and begged for forgiveness!


Philip Edward Brave Davis Q.C shall be invited to form the next Government of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas!

DEFEATED OUTGOING PM Hubert Minnis confirms the FNM shall be defeated in the upcoming elections!

QUOTE| ”I send out a clarion call to all FNMs.

“Your party needs you. Your country needs you.

“I say to the FNMs out there, ‘If I or my party has offended you, I apologize.
On behalf of myself and behalf of my party

“I am only the caretaker of the dreams and struggles of our forefathers.

“This is the party of: Cecil Wallace Whitfield, Kendal Isaacs, Janet Bostwick, Maurice Moore,Tommy Turnquest, Arthur Foulkes, Algernon Allen, Tennyson wells

“The party of The Right Honourable Hubert A Ingraham.

” need all FNMs to come forward and vote”

  • Dr. Minnis, FNM Rally September 11, 2021