PM Minnis confirms in statement on Sunday some FNM incumbents will not be offered a nomination in the upcoming General Elections…

PM Minnis lost on COVID and direction of the country.

NASSAU| Amidst the speculation and worry as to who on the FNM ticket will make the list of candidates in the upcoming general election PM Minnis broke his silence to confirm many incumbents inside the governing party will not be offered a nomination.

A part of PM Minnis statement tonight confirns more sitting FNMs will not run! This just some of what the PM said tonight:

“Some people who ran in 2017 will not run in the next general election.

“The party is grateful for the service of all incumbents who are moving on. They have been instrumental in helping our administration advance policies to empower Bahamians.

“There will be much public speculation as decisions are made as to who will and who will not run.

“Out of respect and courtesy, our party will first privately inform those incumbents who will not be nominated again before we make public announcements.

“The FNM is a big-tent party. There are many pathways to service beyond frontline candidacy.

“It is our intention to draw on the expertise of some of our former candidates in various ways in the future should the people again give us their confidence as their government.

“We are preparing the best slate of candidates possible to offer the Bahamian people.”

So in short Minnis is telling Peter Turnquest dem to Carry Dey … (ONCE AGAIN PM MINNIS IS DELUSIONAL)…

We report yinner decide!