PM Minnis’ first choice to replace Sands declined the offer…

Carl Bethel could exit the Senate for a post on the bench. [file photo]

NASSAU| A top Urologist in the country has declined Prime Minister THE MOST HON. Hubert Minnis’ offer to become the country’s next Minister for Health.

The PM attempted to offer the post to one of the nation’s finest sons in health. However, the offer was declined.

The top doctor is no stranger to politics as he hails from a powerful political pedigree in the country.

PM Minnis took on the post of Health in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic after the MASTER OF DISASTER tendered his resignation from the failing Cabinet.

Health has been plaqued with many shortages, strikes, protests, cleaning scandals, and now a global pandemic COVID19 where budgets were blown before the midterm arrived.

PM Minnis hopes to fill the vacancy sometime following the passage of the 2020/21 National Budget. The decision to bring in an outsider through the Senate confirms major changes in the composition of the Minnis Government could take place if the New Minister of Health comes into Cabinet via the Senate. It would also mean that either AG Carl Wilshire Bethel, Labour Minister Dion Foulkes, or Grand Bahama Minister Kwasi Thompson would vacate the Senate and Cabinet.

All the men are struggling with their portfolios from crisis to crisis, and perhaps may consider leaving before the entire political ship of the FNM is wrecked by the Bahamian people!

These are interesting times.

We report yinner decide!