PM Minnis might consider new LOCKDOWN measures nationwide as multiple COVID-19 outbreaks emerge at AUTEC and inside the Supreme Court of the Bahamas!


Bahamians must adhere to the protocols or PM Minnis will have no choice but pull the lockdown trigger in third wave!


NASSAU| While the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues across the country, Bahamas Press is learning tonight that new UNREPORTED COVID-19 outbreaks have been discovered.

In Central Andros alone on the AUTEC Base some seven new COVID-9 cases have been found with a series of tests still underway.

The news has been confirmed by Mr. Leslie Duncombe, who tested negative for the virus, confirmed some 100 staff at the base are undergoing tests.

We can confirm some four Bahamians and three Americans have so far tested positive on the base. New quarantine measures have been put in place for those involved in the spread of the virus. 

Health’s last COVID-19 dashboard compiled on the April 13th and shared on Wednesday 14th reported some 58 new cases with some 46 on New Providence, 9 on Grand Bahama, 2 on Abaco and one the island of Eleuthera, Heath has not logged any reports of COVID-19 on Andros on Wednesday.

Bahamas Press is also reporting COVID-19 outbreaks inside the Supreme Court of the Bahamas which clearly prove we are in the staged of a third wave surge in Covid19 cases. 

BP can confirm several cleaners inside the Supreme Court have contracted COVID-19.

Additionally we are learning Human Resources heading up the courts are inviting secretaries to carry out the functions of sanitizing as the cleaners fall ill and go into quarantine. We wonder why new cleaners are not being called in? WHY?

Several of the Supreme Court secretaries have underlying health issues and can easily be pushed into a death trap by the virus if infected.

Bahamas Press is calling on the relevant authorities to seriously look into these matters. We want Health to report these findings instead of keeping the nation in darkness and uneducated of the threats lurking in their day to day rounds! Report what is happening and continue to alert the public of the need to adhere to the protocols!  Bahamians must stop and slow down on all these damn large massive parties and gatherings!

We report yinner decide!