PM Minnis prepares to appoint country’s 11th Governor General and tips C. A Smith out of Grand Bahama for the top job!


Stately Dame Marguerite – Da People’s 10th GG in an Independent Bahamas could be replaced in New Year! Papa rejected as possible selection for GG by PM Minnis!

Cornelius A. Smith

Nassau – Bahamas Press sources inside the OPM have now confirmed to us that the Cabinet has been briefed on the selection of the new Governor General.

Our source confirms Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Hubert Minnis has tipped former Bahamas Ambassador and the FNM’s 2017 Election Coordinator Cornelius A. Smith is the man for the top job.

Smith also served as the former Minister for Education in the Ingraham government and was instrumental in shepherding Dr. Minnis to victory at the polls.

If selected, Smith will become the 11th Governor General in an Independent Bahamas and will replace the stately 85 year-old Dame Marguerite Pindling who was appointed as head of state on 8th July 2014.

PM Minnis visited the Dame recently to began discussion on the way forward. The Prime Minister himself is delivering all axing inside his administration and the GG is now no exception. Boy, dis one is heartless!

During the 2017 General Elections former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert ‘Papa’ Ingraham warned all Bahamians that from the hill to the valley all will be gone! Some supporters believe Papa should be appointed GG sighting his last minute endorsements of Dr. Minnis in the 2017 General Elections. But PM Minnis rejected Papa reminding one key supporter over lunch of his comments back in 2012 during the Abaco by-election when he told the nation that, “…the Ingraham era is over!”

We report yinner decide!

Dame Marguerite and PM Minnis. The Prime Minister wants to tell the GG so long bye bye.