PM Minnis was against introducing any new taxes on NHI. He promised to reduce VAT!


Nassau – What PM Minnis said back in 2015 about the National Health Insurance plan while he served as opposition leader is contrary to what he is now proposing for the people.

Bahamas Press broke the report yesterday of the Cabinet’s intention to agree to a 2% tax to fund the NHI programme come January 2019.

The tax increase will cough up more from employers and employees from their payrolls to fund the plan.

NHI issued a 45-day consultancy exercise on the plan. But back in 2015, then Opposition Leader Hubert Minnis had this to say about the programme: “Already you have a 12.8 percent poverty rate.

“So when you tax them even further you are going to cause an even greater increase in poverty and possibly decrease the quality of living and healthcare in the country.

“The [government] said nothing about what they are going to do with the present infrastructure that we have at the Princess Margret Hospital and the clinics. Those are issues that have to be corrected.”

Dr. Minnis added, “Nobody can support their plan at this particular time because we don’t know their plan. Tell us what you’re doing so that we can make a comment.”

With Minnis standing hard against NHI, one must wonder how could he now move to tax Bahamians more? With less than four months ago his administration increased VAT from 7.5% to 12% – up by 60% – on Bahamians. Now come January 1, 2019 you the taxpayer will carry a new income tax to fund NHI of 2% of your salary. Its the People’s TIME!

We report yinner decide!