PM Most Honourable Ever is the only person to believe in his pipe dreams!

PM Minnis MOST HONOURABLE EVER still dreaming!

Nassau| You would think PM MOST HONOURABLE EVER was telling some truth when he told the community of Grand Bahama they were set to become a tech hub.

However, that thought is far from the truth and can only be another big fat lie!

Everyone, including the residents on Grand Bahama, know that in the Bahamas almost nothing works. Government is not working for the people. They lights are high and constantly off. They water is rusty. The postal system is a joke. The phones are always dropping if not dead. The internet is unreliable and is not always on. The Banking systems are archaic and everywhere you turn from public sector to private mediocrity is the order of the day.

And this is why productivity is low, unemployment is high and inspiration from the leadership in government is worse than impotent! WE NEED CHANGE!

The lack of direction, the failed programmes, the rise in discouragement and the slave mentality now gripping the youth leaves much to be desired about the direction our country is headed in.

Far too few are benefitting and are leaving the many – THE MASSES – behind. The level of inequality is sickening and the price of poor leadership is taking a toll on every sector of the Bahamian economy. Who would have ever thought Bankers and Rum Sales Persons would be losing their jobs in the Bahamas? WHO?

Anyway – The government poll numbers are at a rock bottom low. We will share some more with our BBB Analytics numbers soon. It ain’t long now!

We report yinner decide!