A mass shooting this time in Yellow Elder claimed the life of one and shot three others.


The 14th homicide victim is Valentino Deveaux!

Live scenes from that mass shooting in Yellow Elder last evening which claimed the life of Valentino Deveaux and shot three others two of which were hit in the chest.

NASSAU| Another mass shooting in the capital last night has caused the death of one victim and has left three others in hospital.

BP can confirm police are still investigating a multiple shooting incident that occurred last evening, Wednesday, 20thFebruary, 2019, which has left an adult male dead and a female and two males detained in hospital.

Bahamas Press has identified the 14th homicide victim as Valentino Deveaux. Others seriously shot were: Malik Rolle [shot to shoulder and leg], Jamal Rolle and Theresa Rolle, both shot in their chest as if some hit killer visited the four.

Police confirmed that shortly after 9:00 pm, a group of persons were sitting on the porch of a home on Lightbourn Avenue when they were approached by an armed man who opened fire in their direction, hitting four of them, before running and melting into the dark night. Paramedics were called to the scene and transported all four victims to hospital. Deveaux later succumbed to his injuries. All remaining three victims are listed in serious condition.

This latest homicide records the 14th killing incident for the year.

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