PLP Viceroy Chester Cooper describes FNM GB Rally an event of “delusional tales”



PM Minnis and MP Chester Cooper.

 By Chester Cooper| Exumas and Ragged Island MP, PLP Deputy Leader

It is astounding that with unemployment on the rise, Bahamians being ever more squeezed by his crushing tax hikes, and having delivered us yet another blacklisting, the prime minister has time to spin the delusional tales he did on Grand Bahama last night.

I previously addressed in Parliament, and the prime minister conceded, that I did not apply to run for the FNM on Exuma or anywhere else for that matter.

Last I checked though, I won the Exuma seat for the PLP, so perhaps the prime minister’s preoccupation with me is just wishful thinking.
I don’t take much the prime minister says at these events seriously, but I do protect my reputation jealously.

The prime minister’s suggestion that I am somehow tarnished by corruption because I am a PLP is a step too far.

I have instructed my attorneys to examine the prime minister’s comments to determine whether I have been defamed and if I should take further action.

In the meantime, it would behoove the prime minister to grow up and get to work.

The Bahamian people are, unfortunately, counting on him to display some sort of competence at his job.

Something he has so far not demonstrated in the least.