PM Public Relations on the verge of collapse as Press Secretary wants OUT!


War inside the media camp of the Minnis Government ERUPTS!

Press Secretary Ace Newbold.

Nassau – BP is reporting a collapse within the media circle of the Prime Minister as another member of the Minnis team wants out.

BP can report journalist and newly appointed Press Secretary, Ace Newbold, wants out of the job.

According to sources in the OPM, “The Press Secretary is weary of his job which appears to be in constant conflict with Ministries and agencies. Some persons are not cooperating with the Press Secretary who is having serious problems attempting to police the public relations of the PM.”

We understand, because of all the missteps, Ace has asked for a transfer out of the role as Press Secretary and could return to ZNS in a senior position.

Meanwhile BIS Director Kevin Harris has told Parliamentary Secretary, and hardcore ‘Ingrahamite’, Pakeisha Parker to not call him again on any directives within his department at BIS.

Parker got stoked after she attempted to question why a senior BIS reporter was thrown out of the OPM following directives from a senior Cabinet Minister.

Harris told Parker, “I don’t answer to you. I take my directions from MY BOSS DA CHIEF!”

NEMA’s Press Officer Lindsey Thompson has replaced the BIS reporter at the OPM.

All we say is this: PM Minnis needs more than a Public Relations team to fix his PR nightmare.

We report yinner decide!