Police are presently on the hunt for the brother of a sitting FNM MP who is wanted in a rape allegation at BAMSI…


Alleged rape incident inside the BAMSI Distribution Centre goes unreported by Police – MP’s BROTHER IS ALLEGED SUSPECT!

NASSAU| The Central Detective Unit is presently investigating a rape incident on the property of BAMSI’s Distribution Centre on East Bay Street.

The allegations involve the brother of a sitting FNM Family Island MP who used his influence to get his brother employed at BAMSI.

The female employee, who was locked inside a room and sexually assaulted by the MP’s brother, came out traumatized and shaken with her clothes torn and bruised about her body.

A file has been opened in the case but police up to this week was unable to locate the suspect.

We can report that, upon hearing the news of the assault, instructions came from BAMSI’s Executives that the MP’s brother was to be immediately suspended and placed on half pay!

The young victim reported the incident some days ago and it is believe that some attempted to hush the matter and allow it to pass time. But now that your number one BREAKING NEWS source BP is on the case and is sweeping the crime scene we assure readers the suspect will be brought out of hiding and report to authorities. NO POLICE will be able to bury this one!

Police, we know, up to press time, was still looking for the alleged rape suspect [the MP’s brother]. They have yet to report the incident to the press and we have yet to know if the wanted man is now in their hands. WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS? #crimedown and rapes are up!?

We report yinner decide!