Police called in to block Union at WSC which held a press conference moments ago…

Police called in at WSC as UNION organize a presser.

NASSAU| Police were just been called into the Water and Sewerage Corporation as the Union held a press conference dealing with serious issues at WSC.

Union Leader addressed the press on the firing of Sidney Isaacs and the suspension of Ms Debbie Stubbs by the juvenile Chairman Adrian Gibson.

The Union is also addressing the exercises against the Union’s activities through the courts and how LOCKDOWNS and the COVID19 Pandemic are measures used to stall the proceedings of the courts on a host of matters at WSC.

Meanwhile, the UNION BUSTING and tactics of intimidation and VICTIMIZATION continues with the blessing of the Government. No Government Minister will put Adrian Gibson in check! The staff cannot get justice, morale is low and workers are being watched! WHAT IS THIS? THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY!

Churrin Running a BIG CORPORATION!

Bahamas Press calls on PM Minnis to deal with these developments at WSC and stop the rank and rude behaviours being exercised by the wutless juvenile CHAIRMAN! MINNIS…Stop PUSSYFOOTING! Adrian Gibson and his child-like actions against staff will not be ignored by VOTERS!

We report yinner decide!

Bahamas Utilities Services and Allied Workers Union President Dwayne Woods addressing the press today.