Police called to stop work on Winton Community Park after a rogue contractor attempted to start construction without notice to residents…


Contractor already paid $150,000 for construction on Winton Community Park just before Elections…Elsworth Johnson told residents the Government had no money!

Danny Ferguson President of the Winton Community confronts MP Elsworth Johnson on construction on private property.

NASSAU| All hell is breaking loose in the community of Winton Meadows this afternoon as police were called in to stop the construction of a basketball court by the outgoing MP Elsworth Johnson and Ministry of Works.

The outgoing MP attempted to unlawfully build a basketball court after doing little in his short four year term. We learn the contractor was paid $150,000 just before elections and was now attempting to carry out the works (ON PRIVATE LAND) without having any consultation with the community.

The community told him “no” and that he could carry his you-know-what with Minnis and get out of their business. That the park belongs to the Community Association in Winton and not The Bahamas Government.

Johnson, like so many rogue FNM Politicians and MPs, has no respect for the law. The Works Minister is showing the same a high level of LAWLESSNESS! NO due process and dialogue with people. In short, he showed disrespect for the people in the area.  Now they are returning that disrespect – just 16 days to polling day.

The confrontation, which you will read about first, here on BP, is the last nail in the FNM coffin on the heels of the General Elections. “We are tired of this government. We in Winton are up in arms and want Minnis and his crew GONE! We have had enough of their lawlessness and rank abuse of us. So Long … Bye Bye!” one resident told BP.

Leading the defence for the community was President for the Winton Association Mr. Danny Ferguson. He was the spokesperson for the area who stood-up for the resident and was threatened by the contractor.

Residents in the area warned the Outgoing MP months ago not to mess with the park. He ignored them. Now look!

We report yinner decide!