Police Cars on Long Wendy's Line


Here is one of the reasons why no police cars are not available when crimes are being committed. When they aren’t at BAMBOO SHACK OR DIRTY’S they are somewhere on a line picking up food, their child or sweetheart. GREENSLADE, PLEASE PUT THE POLICE FORCE BACK IN ORDER!!! There is too much slackness/LAWLESSNESS in this town!




  1. This is so true every time i pass a bamboo shack i see an officer on the line yes they do need to eat but crap take a lunch hour in their own personal vehicles and so if they are on the road they should document what time they left for lunch and when they return so that the government can be assured that they don’t go to lunch and never return to work…and we all know they don’t pay for gas so stop being lazy and cheap and use your own cars to get food

  2. C’mon BP, they cant go for food now? Now I dont know who cars they go to work in, but they could be going to work, coming from work whatever. I dont see the problem with them on a drive thru line. I dont know if you’ve ever checked but many times its faster to go through the drive-thru, which means a quicker time to eat which means a quicker time to get back to work. people oftem make these comments about BEC, WsC, BTC, Cable etc. But if they are on the road doing work, its not realistic to ask them to go back to the office. Get in thier cars, go find something to eat and come back, change cars etc.

    BTW Wendys have a faster line than most anyway :D.

  3. I totally agree with chris. BP stop being so petty all the time and find something CONSTRUCTIVE to write about sometimes. Call a SPADE a SPADE!

  4. Instead of these officers parking the car for an hour or more to take their lunch break they are buying something to eat which will take 5 minutes and then continue with their patrols. sounds like dedicated people to me. they are so dedicated, they are willing to give up their lunch hour. After driving off from wendys they are still able to repond to an emergency. maybe these officers should care more for themselves and go and take their lunch break so that they could eat and let their food digest properly like everyone else

  5. I am hardpressed to see a story here. Let’s not get foolish with pettyness, these people don’t take lunch hours, but they must eat.

    I don’t see an abuse here at all.

    Run a story with a police vehicle park up to a “watering hole” and the officers are having a few, then you’ll be on to something.

    Let our “men & women” get their lunch during their shift.

    And get the hell off their backs.

    Go, RBPF!!! I’m with ya!

  6. BP, this been going on from LO days, do not try to blame this one on PAPA or Cool PC. Its your ppl and ppl. We bahamians doing it to our self.

  7. So you are saying we are responsible for how the officers get their lunch? If they hop into their own vehicles on their lunch hour,(if they get one) that leaves the police cars available for emergencies! Of course they need to eat, but not at OUR expense. I don’t think they pay for fuel, which means, it costs the Government money, which in turn puts a tax on WE the people who drive our own vehicles to lunch.
    Leave the Government vehicles for Government business and use your personal vehicles for your personal business such as “going to lunch!”
    BP, this was too damn funny, LMAO

  8. why people in general are so STUPID. Do you think the police body run on fuel. when you work your 9-5 or 8-4 or 4-12 job don’t you require time to eat. well same goes for the police. you don’t want the police to come to you to take a statement from you on a hungry belly and you could hear it growling. come on people don’t be stupid. everyone needs to eat and that the way our body runs. i know if am hungry and at work i can’t function. come on people you can’t just be thinking about your self all the time. POLICE ARE PEOPLE TOO AND JUST HOW YOU REQUIRE FOOD, THEY DO TOO.

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