Police found an illegal weapon in club owner vehicle – Club remained open during lockdown!


Senior FNM was in pub when police raided!

NASSAU| Police have released all those persons arrested at the Village Pub bar and restaurant on Balfour Ave. who had congregated inside the operation contrary to the Emergency Lockdown Orders.

Sources say a big-time high ranking FNM was dragged into the bus and hauled to the station along with other patrons during the raid.

However, police released the high ranking FNM and the patrons and detained the owner of the operation.

He was not just breaching the orders, but police also discovered a 045mm pistol inside the vehicle of the owner with some 12 rounds of ammunition.

The club operated all kinds of ungodly hours, serving food and entertaining patrons while residents are locked down and dragged before the courts for going to the pump for water and selling coconuts. 

Why did it take this long to detain the operators for violating the orders? Someone needs to explain this!

We report yinner decide!