Rogue police officer gets help from inside on his prosecution…

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A police inspector, who was placed on administrative leave following claims that he conspired to import cocaine into the country, has returned to active duty.

Venezuelans Luis Andres Perez and Jaime Digiacomo claimed that the inspector helped them land on Crooked Island with 3,142 pounds of cocaine, worth $25 million, on December 22.

The officer was accused of turning on the lights to the air strip on the island, enabling the drug smugglers to land safely.

The admitted smugglers identified the officer as the man who had helped them land.

A sergeant on the island also alleged that he saw the officer near the plane while holding the control for the air strip’s lights.

The inspector was placed on administrative leave as the claims were investigated.

At first it appeared he would be charged, after he was arrested and fingerprinted and interviewed by DEU.

However, he is back on the job at a station in a downtown Nassau, although lawyers from the DPP’s Office gave approval for him to be charged.

The officer has managed to get out of a tricky situation before.

Several years ago, he was transferred from the Drug Enforcement Unit after he was accused of corruption.