Police have identified that shooting victim on Fire Trail Road to be 45-year-old Keith Davis

File photo.
File photo.

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press has now identified that man found dead on the front of his home on Fire Trail Road East after 9am this morning.

Bahamas Press has identified that homicide victim to be 45-year-old Keith Davis. According to police it appears as if a struggle had engaged between Davis and his attacker[s]. His licensed rifle was found just a short distance from his body, as he lay motionless on the lawn of his home. He was shot to the left upper body.

Davis was discovered by a friend who came to the him or visit him.

May he rest in peace! Amen!


    • Same problem in the United States. Here’s the problem, for so many decades there was no need for firearms. But now they have been smuggled onto the islands by criminals. You see, criminals don’t care if guns are illegal, they are criminals. Once it is started it is not likely to stop unless the laws change allowing citizens to protect themselves because the police cannot be everywhere at once to protect you. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good that citizens can defend themselves from attack and a robber/murderer is less likely to attack knowing the person may also be armed. A bad thing because it’s not the tranquil paradise scenario the Bahamas has always been known for. Paradise lost.

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