Police ‘juicin’ in the patrol car? WELL WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?


Car written off and there was no police chase! SHOWING OFF WITH TWO GALS IN THE PATROL CAR WITH NO PANTIES ON!


One gal had her panties off and was about to get spank when the crash occurred! WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?

Nassau, Bahamas – BP was live last night on the scene where this mishap occurred and yinner wouldn’t believe what happened.

The scene clearly was not one the officers can explain, and here’s what happened… The officer behind the wheel decided to run the red light. In the end, when the dust was settled and cleared, two young gals were also in this patrol car. TWO! We understand them to be the girlfriends of the officers.

What do yinner think was happening in the car when this patrol vehicle was driving without due care and attention? Written-off!? I mean a whole damn patrol car! It wasn’t a police chase so what happened?

Two nights ago a Defence Force Officer along with another suspect ram into the DEU vehicle and tried to get away while shooting at the officers. Now we have this? Ya can’t buy enough vehicles for these NEGROS before they write them off!

And how did two young gals without panties on end up in the patrol car in the first place? THIS IS JUST INCREDIBLE! UNBELIEVABLE!

Boy I tell ya – when you try get the country on track some JACKASS believe they should run it off-track. Send dey a%# HOME!

We report yinner decide!