Police officer gives Bad Candidate authority to paint basketball court red


Look at the 'Jackassness' some people does do. NO DAMN SHAME!!!!

The Bad Candidate Gets Worse! – Sands caught RED HANDED!!!

Nassau, Bahamas –Bahamas Press is investigating a police officer who granted a politician the right to paint a basketball court red.

Sources tell us that Superintendent Ismella Davis granted permission to FNM candidate in Elizabeth, Duane Sands, to repaint the basketball court in the rear of the Elizabeth Estates police station.

Rather than painting the marks on the court a bright colour for night basketball events, the bad candidate in Lizzy, painted the marks on the court a dark red.

One resident and frequent basketball coach told BP, “How in the hell we ga see the marks in the night now? It is almost impossible. Could the doctor not see that young people need to be able to view the markers when they play the game at night? He must be colour blind!”

This is not the first time Sands has put his foot into his dead arrogant brain. During the last Elizabeth by-election, he called the residents in the community “Greedy”. Then, again just days before Christmas, he threw a woman and her five children out of their home on the coldest day of winter. And if that was not enough, he threatened that he would kick more residents who have fallen on hard times out of their homes despite the pending general elections.

It is no wonder the bad FNM candidate for Elizabeth is not inviting campaign workers to support him. Whispers inside the FNM say, “He is as bad as they get.”

Meanwhile, some tell us Sands’ wife Sakina has returned home following a bust-up on Valentine’s Day. Sources told us Sakina left the marital home in a rage after finding out a Filipino doctor was having  off-site rendezvous with her ‘bad’ candidate husband.

Yesterday in the Senate, Sands was seen in the House chiding BP for attack on his family and friends. He was discouraged at the level the campaign has taken. But we will remind Sands of the fact that for months and month the FNM tabloids have been dragging everybody and their mah in the mud for years. How is it Hubert Igraham could give, but his SPINELESS candidates cannot take!

Both the Filipino and Sands are employees of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

We hear the FNM apologists saying how low BP went with Sands, well let us tell you how low Dr. Sands went with the Bahamian People’s money. We have been advised by a credible source in the Public Hospital Authority, that Dr. Sands may have been involved in the most BLATANT form of “conflict of Interest”.

The source told BP that while Dr. Sands was in charge of the A&E at the PMH, he brought in a group of Doctors from Detroit as consultants in A & E at the PMH.
These doctors were housed on Paradise Island in a complex said to be owned by the Father of Dr. Sands at an alleged exorbitant rate. He also was said to have thrown in an old beat up car and charged rental at alleged above market rates.
This is what is low and disgusting Dr. Sands and to show you have no damn shame, here you are painting a basketball court, owned by the Bahamian people, a dinghy Red.



  1. Way to go Doc. Why exactly shouldn’t the lines on the basketball court be red? Those PLP to like to major on the minors the greedy bastards should be thankful you bothered to paint the lines for them.

  2. Sometimes you wonder why Top Surgeons,certain others would want to get in politics,well think no further, more nepotism,cronyism,arrogance,ungodly desires,say no more…

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