Police officer’s body found washed up on beach on Grand Bahama – Officer was about to be separated….


Officer lost it after confession to wife!

PC 3107 Jamal Freddie Munnings found dead tonight.
PC 3107 Jamal Freddie Munnings found dead tonight.

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms the body of that police officer missing since Tuesday has washed up at sea near the shoreline at Banana Bay off Blackbeards Beach on Grand Bahama.

The officer was last seen on Tuesday 12th January 2016, driving a light blue 4 door Nissan Frontier Truck, after making a confession to his wife. Word is the deceased officer and his wife came to a disagreement following some confessions. She decided to separate, however, the troubled officer could not accept that option. It was then when according to sources he decided to take his own life.

It is still unknown as to the exact cause of death, but some are believe this incident to be a suicide.

We report yinner decide!