Police probe murder of Tasha Mondelis on GB!!!!


William Forbes now wanted by police for the country's 4th murder victim on GB.

Young Woman Tasha Mondelis on GB’s First Murdered victim…Blood flows in yard

Nassau, Bahamas — A woman was murdered today on the island of Grand Bahama as the murder rate climbs in the country. Unlike the rest of the WUTLESS MEDIA, we can name the woman who has become the country 4th murder victim in less than 12 hours.

BP can report the victim is 31-year-old resident of Hanna Hill Eight Mile Rock, Tasha Mondelis.

A man believed to be her boyfriend stabbed her multiple times just outside her home.

There were loud screams from residents in the area believed to be family members of the young woman as police prepared her badly diced body and loaded her corpse into a gray hearse.

William Forbes [pictured above], who is believed to be a member of the ZOE POUND Haitian gang, is the man police want to question. He, according to police, fled the scene of the crime. A police manhunt is now underway for the suspected murder accused.

Forbes we are told is married with two children. Mondelis was his girlfriend. Hmmmmmmm!

She is also of Haitian heritage.

We report YINNER Decide!


  1. They better find him before he ends up in one of those Haitian village, if you see he make it to one of them the police could forget. Those Haitians like to hide one another’s dirty, that just the way they are. I don’t see them cooperating with the police. I could see them right now, playing like they don’t understand what the police is asking them and they could act that role good. Well, you never know in this case they might just decide to work with the police seen that the girl was of Haitian heritage too and she might have been sort of cool with them. What I don’t understand though, why come here to here to kill up each other? they could have done that in Haiti. He’s in a gang too? Oh Lord, they might not find him then. They probably have cells all over this country, he probably have countless places where he could hide out. No wonder why our crime rate is so high. Something is definitely up. The government isn’t talking, but you could feel it. We are not use to having our murder rate in the triple digits, last year was the first time we ever experience anything like that in the history of our country and all this happened after that earthquake in Haiti, where all those Haitian prisoners escaped. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are not here amongst us and causing all this havoc in our communities. These people couldn’t live in peace in their own country, what make you believe they are going to live in peace here?

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