Police records 21st homicide victim as Kendino McDonald


Where was the body cams in the police killing of Rashad LAROADA this week? Millions spent and still no cams to show what really happened in the death of the man! Three men on bail dead in just five days!

Strachan Alley resident Kendino McDonald shot dead this morning after getting bail.
Albert Rahming

NASSAU| THE man accused of murdering Via Caffe owner Albert Rahming nearly five years ago and granted bail last year, Kendino McDoanld, of Strachans Alley is dead after being murdered this morning.

McDonald, who was on being monitored via ankle bracelet, was found fatally shot to the head outside an apartment. The shooting took place just behind Small World Preschool where the children had to hear the gunshots in the community of Williams Lane off Wulff Road.

McDonald was also charged and released at that time on multiple armed robbery charges.

Rahming on the other hand you would recall was shot dead and his bullet-riddled body found slumped in a black Mercedes Benz in the parking lot east of the Nassau Sailing Club on the Montagu foreshore around 7.30am on the day in question on November 29, 2016.

Since Sunday some three men all recently released on bail for some crime has been found mysteriously dead. Omar “Punch” Penn was shot and killed on Sunday on Grand Bahama. On Tuesday evening Rashad LAROADA was shot and killed after failing to stop at a police checkpoint near East Street and Cordeveax Ave. And today its Kendino McDoanld day.

Is someone deciding to clean up the streets? Or is the gang war this bad that the criminals are murdering persons they suspect to be criminals? Look what the Bahamas has come to!

We report yinner decide!