Police Rsv. Sgt. Lorene Damianos passes at Doctors today…


Who is being paid daily for the police tents unoccupied at checkpoints around the country?

Rsv. Sgt. Lorene Damianos of Carmichael Road Police Station

NASSAU| As the country reopens more and more COVID19 deaths are being reported, the latest victim of COVID19 is being reported within the uniform branch.

BP can now report Rsv. Sgt. Lorene Damianos is the latest victim of COVID19 and the first uniform branch officer to be recorded to have died of the virus. She died at Doctor’s Hospital today. Up to yesterday, some 46 COVID19 deaths were recorded on the dashboard. 

Sgt. Damianos was stationed at the Carmichael Road Police Station and was admitted to hospital on Sunday after suffering dangerous complications from the virus. 

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle told the press, though he knows 85 police officers were in quarantine following COVID-19 exposure, he only learned the total number of officers who were infected “last night like everybody else”. 

BP understands hundreds of officers are quarantined. We at BP also want to ask the PM who are we paying daily for their unoccupied tents around the police checkpoints across New Providence. WHO?

The Government is paying weekly for unoccupied tents and portable bathrooms, which are now not being used by officers. Someone needs to answer this fast.

BP is also reporting a 99 year-old at Sandilands has also died of the coronavirus and a Bimini resident has been airlifted to the capital this afternoon after becoming critical. The patient has tested positive.

We ask the nation to pray for the family of Ms Damianos, her husband and children. 

May her soul rest in peace.