Police say they have captured a suspect who raped a 90- plus–year-old woman Wednesday evening…


NASSAU| Well, police sources inside the RBPF are telling BP they believe they have the suspect who raped and beat a 90-plus-year-old woman last evening.

Police reported in its update this evening that sometime around 11:00 pm a male entered a residence in the Eastern District of New Providence where he sexually assaulted an elderly female. The bandit also ransacked the weak woman’s home for over an hour holding her hostage inside her own home. Well, what is this?

We have warned police that they should alert the public to these incidents so all our eyes and ears could be looking down the streets, protecting each other. But why police refuse to give updated timely reports to the public is distressing, dangerous, and depressing! This cannot continue in this dangerous environment of lockdowns and curfews!

We report yinner decide!