Police takes private number of detained woman – Police Propositioning nah?


Nassau, Bah. — Police mobile divisions near the Milo Butler Highway pulled off the highway 6 women traveling in two cars tonight shortly after 7 pm. The young girls were coming from what appears to have been a beach party.

All were dressed in bathing suits and short pants. One was cornered in the doorway of her vehicle by a mobile patrol officer and spoken to for almost :35 minutes.

After writing down the young girl contacts all seven officers allowed the skimpy dressed women to go their marry way. Nah das what we call OPERATION STRIKE!


  1. Sorry, Sick n Tired for the late response,

    What should happen is, you establish a law, where anyone seen or caught with a gun, faces serious consequences.
    Right now I cannot tell who is “Fish or Fowl.”

    A few weeks ago a man walked into Wendy’s Oakes Field branch, with civilian cloth on banishing a gun to his waist, but to me he did not look like a police officer at all, neither did the gun looked like a police service revolver. What I suppose to think….WELL HE MUST BE A POLICE OFFICER?…Just because he carries a gun?

    • Well i would definately give that person wrong if it was indeed an officer working plain clothes,cause it sure dont make any sense working undercover and brandishing a weapon on your side for the world to see that defeats the purpose and draws all type of attention.But in any even wether you could tell or not im sure youre quite happy that the person you saw wasnt someone out to commite a crime.And revolvers arent the only type of firearms police are issued with if it was i would really be sorry for them cause the criminals aint playin out there and they aint commin with no 38 revolver either.

  2. Blah,
    The only confidence I have in ANYONE bringing these corrupt cops down is and external force like “BLACKWATER.”
    The few corrupt Cops on our Police Force are no joke to play with.
    Even the Commissioner seems to be afraid of them.
    Last night in ZNS he kept saying to the reporter……I HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT I HAVE TO SAY…
    I must say that was the first time I saw a reporter seems to get under Greenslade”s skin. Blah,
    The only confidence i have in ANYONE bringing these corrupt cops down, is and external force like “BLACKWATER.”
    The few corrupt Cops on our Police Force is no joke to play with.
    Even the Commissioner seems to be afraid of them.
    Last night in ZNS he kept saying to the reporter……I HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT I HAVE TO SAY…
    I must say that was the first time I saw a reporter seems to get under Greenslade”s skin.

    • Wisdom, i would truly hate to see what would happen if All Law Enforcement Officers would lock all their service weapons up for a month, i think that move would we would greatly regret.Im sure you would agree we have far more Criminals than corrupt Cops and if you think the corrupt cops are no joke to play with, just wait until youre confronted by the Criminal who in most cases may have a gun, now with police not having their service weapons what do you think is gonna stop this criminal from completting what he has set out to do?

  3. Sorry for having to post this again.

    BUT, I guarantee this will reduce the crime rate over night:
    Command ALL, law enforcement officers, and I mean, ALL, law enforcement, officers in the entire country. To lock away their service weapons in a well secure building for a month, and I could “put my head on the chopping block,” that crime will be reduce in this country, for that month.
    I have seen too much corruption in this town.
    Example: I know of two police officers, which jokes around on how they occasionally locked up, a man for the weekend to have sex with his wife. THIS IS A TRUE STORY, and I was there when one of the officers would jokes about what he and a friend did. (This was back in the 1980’s). To me this was no joke. One of these officers is still on the police force today.
    Example #2; I was at the seen of a gambling game, when three officers surprisingly embarked on the game at the roll of the dice, and pulled their service revolver.
    Three of my friends ran however I stayed. But I would never forget the chilling words the 6 foot 3 inch officer that weighted over 250 lbs uttered when two of the officer brought back one of the partakers of the game with the money pot.
    He said….”I was going to SHOOT his YOU-KNOW-WHAT.
    During that era, the then Police Commissioner was hesitant to issue more guns to fellow officers, I then UNDERSTOOD why.
    I also can remember, an incident when a police officer gave he service revolver to a prisoner to commit robbery. WHAT A SHAME!
    There was also an incident I remember, where a police officer family member took his police uniform and robbed a hotel. Right here in Nassau.
    Last month, just lately a young man was carrying on very disorderly, to a young lady, and when the girl’s mother mentioned she was going to call the police, the young man went ballistic and told everyone whom his uncles and cousins were on the police force (He wasn’t ashamed to mention their names).
    He then went on to say how if they called any officer, he would be out in hours to deal with them.
    You see why I have to keep, under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY!
    Wisdom is the principle thing, and in all your getting get understanding.
    Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain.

    • I appreciate you mentioning this, however, don’t you think this information should be forwarded to someone on the force who can bring these corrupt cops down. If we know someone and keep our mouths shut, then we’re no better than them.

      And I don’t mean to publicly address this information, I’m saying anonymously for your safety (just in case).

  4. thses officers are so slack that they thought they could never get caught. when i passed GHS on saturday night approaching the round about this same unmarked police vechile stopped some girls in a black vechile an sure it wasn’t stop and search. an come on folks no police officers stop no vechile and hold them for 35 mins just to run thier name come on if it was a concern then they should of escort themm to the nearest police station .

  5. BP how could you say that police took the numbers of the females. Did you saw what the police wrote down. Police normally write down a person name and d.o.b. and run that persons name in the police database to see if that person has an outstanding warrant. If information come back as negative then you have to let that person go. BP find real news to report and not garbage.

  6. Many of the cars used by police especially the undercover units are unmarked.Indeed, some of the cars are so unlike police cars that many citizens will not pull over on command and, this has led to confrontations with citizens who would proceed to the nearest police station rather than stop. RBPF has adopted all of the bad habits of other police forces; sometimes you would think they get their training from watching Miami Vice!!

  7. The Blue vehicle is the unmarked police car. Unfortunately, if yall did not record the plates or officer numbers, they will deny this. But we all know that this happens ALL the time. Remember the officer who raped the girl in Central Police Station? and the other stories of sex in Police stations? This is the norm… No respect for the uniform. This is why we need an independent corruption unit!

    Join Bahamians Against Slackness and Corruption http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=142056315839015

  8. Why would you want more pictures and videos of police officers? What happen to actual criminals who are doing foolishness? Alot of that is going on in plain view and no one looks like they want to get involved. WE same to be more afraid of assisting with getting crime under control, I does hear the comments about not getting involved for them to come looking for you and all sort of mess forgetting that the same thing can happen to you. I don’t like what I see because it a bad reflexion on the force and not the officers, my goodness be professionals while at work and be players when time to play.

  9. Did you get the license plate numbers of the cop cars? Did you get the officer’s badge numbers?


    We need change!

  10. Do you have any pic of their vehicle (police) plates? None of the vehicles in this picture are police vehicles, what you are alleging and what you are showing don’t add up.

  11. Only he who knows it feels it. Only she who feels it knows it. Go to a house breaking or any other complaint besides this occasional stop on the street, fine females and the not so fine looking ones would be asked for their phone numbers, what they have to eat, money, some sex and this is expected to be normal. Sure it has been for all this time so it comes with being employed in government. Everybody does it. Score some and get the points in on who one has already screwed for free, some money and if there are any who are hard to get watch out for the victimization, intimidation and ruination. Sure Mums the word. Who can point a finger at the other without screwing someone else besides their main lover. Say it ain’t so.

  12. Youll wrong nah…..but this is exactly what we need. We need more video of lawbreakers and currupt police.
    Even though I do believe that most police are doing a GREAT job, but there are just too many slackers thinking about THE BENIFITS instead. To the hard workers KEEP IT UP!! TO THE REST, DO YOUR JOB OR GET OUT!!!

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