Police thiefin from the POLICE? $25,000 vanished from the police canteen and an officer is now in police custody! WHAT IS THIS?!

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ELEUTHERA| Your Bahamas Press is deep between the islands of Eleuthera and New Providence. A criminal investigation has begun into stolen police funds on that Family Island.

BP is learning four residents of Eleuthera were initially taken into police custody after some $25,000 went missing from Police Headquarters in Governor’s Harbour where the canteen is located.
Officers from the Central Detective Unit were called to the island on Sunday to deal with the incident. Officers diligently did their investigations and, to their surprise, the funds were discovered inside the apartment and in the trunk of the senior police officer on the island.
CDU officers left the island, taking one of their own in handcuffs. Surprisingly, now back in Nassau, nothing has been heard of the officer or his arrest?
Meanwhile the four innocent souls arrested in Eleuthera for the crime were all released. BP HAS TWO QUESTIONS FOR THE POLICE:

1) When will that senior officer – who falsely charged those four residents of Eleuthera – be charged before the courts?

2) Who will re-investigate all those crimes on Eleuthera which were handled by this same senior officer stationed down there?

We ga report and let yinner decide!