Police want Franklyn Stubbs a resident of Muncur Alley off Kemp Rd.




  1. Fantastic work as it is good that these photos are being posted on this site the most read in the Bahamas.Public opinion is formed from here.

  2. :))) well that’s good to know.
    I can’t wait on the feedback from the great debate.
    I told yawl they would need a muzzle for rodney moncur.
    That man is an awful mess. He wouldn’t last a month in the House Of Assembly!

  3. Yea I agrree. I use my blackberry to browse the site and this morning while on the breakfast
    Line at city market in lyford cay I open the page to see these two suspects and it only took one nosey person standing over my shoulder to spark up
    The attention of about 20 construction workers to all come and look at their pics on my phone (which was clenched tightly in my hands) ya can’t be to trusting these days
    So keep up the good work BP I live for this website!!!

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