Police will not get their promised overtime money according to a Cabinet source…


Promised overtime for police deferred! Minnis Government can’t deliver overtime at this time!

Police on parade!

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is learning that the promised overtime, which was to be delivered to members of the police, will no longer be paid.

On the campaign trail the former Government announced that it was to pay overtime to officers who were engaged in extended hours exercises.

And while some 500 officers were promoted, we now understand the money is just not there to support the overtime pay which was due at the end of the month.

Our deep source down in the boiler room [Cabinet] say, “The funds are just not there and perhaps we will have to look at the overtime situation at another time.”

Police officers were told all commitments by the former Government will be assured and honored by an FNM Government leading into the May 10th polling exercise.

Although the campaign of its da People’s Time stands true – with these developments this does not apply to da Police! But yinner learned about it here first!

Additionally we understand Government needs some urgent funds to meet payroll for the Public Servants this month!

We report yinner decide!