Postal Workers Still Suffering Without An Operating A/C System Since July


Cable Beach Post Office

Postal Office CLOSED in the MIDDLE of the Business DAY!!!

Nassau, Bahamas — While Hubert Ingraham could be heard raising cane in the Parliament and berating himself as he shouted, “KILL THE DEVIL”, workers at the postal department were feeling the temperature of an overheated hell chamber.

Bahamas Press has learnt workers stationed at the government’s postal office in Cable Beach had been with air-condition since the beginning of the sweltering summer month of July and are suffering from a wave on heat attacks.

“We have not had an operating air-condition system at this facility since early summer in July. From that date, we have been going home at 1 o’clock and today is no different,” a postal worker said.

Meanwhile, the conditions at the government service are worsening. For the past week, a single attendant has been stationed at the location to entertain customers.

“There is only one staff member carrying out all the functions by herself with no breaks. The line at the location is out of the door with senior citizens standing for long periods waiting to get stamps for their mail due to the inadequate staff at the office,” a frequent visitor added.

“Sometimes by the time I get of work for lunch the place is closed just like the hotels down the street here in Cable Beach. It is like we have borrowed ourselves into a DEEP BLACK HOLE and today, we cannot sell stamps to the Bahamian people.”

BP wonders where is the voice of suicidal Union President, John Pinder, who continues to allow Government workers to function under VICKED abuses inflicted by the WUTLESS Ingraham administration.

NO word has come from Pinder, Neko Grant, or Zharvigo Laing on the matter. “MUMMS THE WORD! KILL THE DEVIL!”



  1. Alas, the Post Office at Elizabeth Estates also has a sign up that reads effective since the month of August 2010, this Post Office will close at 1:00pm due to airconditioning problems.

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