Potcake die at the coaching of the owner! WATCH!


Nassau – You might have seen this video on social media where a pit bull killed a pot cake while its owner boasted how it was his forth kill.

Well, Bahamas Press can report that the Royal Bahamas Police Force has the owner and the dog in custody. Lassie gern ta jail!

We think the pet will be put to sleep.

Pets must have a license and perhaps the strictest measures must be taken against owner who fails to license these ferocious animals.

Following the assistance from the public the Animal Control Unit of The Bahamas Humane Society were called.

We understand the owner of the animal was taken into police custody.

Let’s give Minnis dem some advice – TAX DESE PEOPLE who does let the dog walk them and they know the animals have a record to kill!

We report yinner decide!