Powerful FNMs try to coverup the charge of Former GG Grandson!

The Foulkes Clan in protect mode!

NASSAU| The son of former Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes was arrested overnight after police caught him in an intoxicated state and acting belligerently, according to well-placed sources.

A further inspection of the vehicle allegedly revealed that it contained marijuana. Foulkes’s son is also the nephew of former Attorney General Carl Bethel.

After being arrested, he was taken to Cable Beach Police Station where he is currently being held.

His family members are said to be exhausting all of their influential connections to get the former FNM MP’s son out of jail without facing charges despite the no-nonsense approach the Minnis Administration – which included Foulkes and Bethel – took when arresting and prosecuting their political opponents and ordinary Bahamians who simply were collecting water from their neighborhood pump during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though those ministers often said that the law must take its course and let the chips fall where they may, Foulkes’ family is trying to get him off scot-free.

We’re told police are awaiting instructions on how to proceed with this case. However, under normal circumstances, the average suspect with no political connections would be forced to sit in a cell and taken before the courts to be charged.

If Foulkes is not charged because of who his father and uncle are, what message would this send to ordinary citizens?